How to Multiply your Abundance- An EVERYDAY ThanksGiving ‘Gratitude Guide’

How to Multiply your Abundance- An EVERYDAY ThanksGiving ‘Gratitude Guide’





How to Multiply your Abundance-  ThanksGiving EVERYDAY

(inspired by Doug Andrew,

Why Do We Only Celebrate Thanks-Giving But One Day a Year?  Why Not Celebrate Everyday?  Here’s A Simple, Quick Practice for a Happier, more Meaningful Life  

This little 10-minute activity could/should have great positive impact on your life as well as that of others, places and things.


What Are You Most Grateful For?


A.)  On a tablet or large piece of paper

Write Down  What You Are Most Grateful For:  (See Top 10, below, but you can add to the list – )

and be sure to leave plenty of space after each item to write more later:


What Are You Most Grateful For? (Start Writing…)

      1.)  A Person (or Animal) You Are Grateful For

      2.) A Person (or Animal) Who Has Passed Away you Are Grateful For Having known for his or her Talents, Values, etc. (g. could be a family relative or a famous person or anyone )

      3.)  A Physical Ability that you possess that you are grateful for (g. playing a musical instrument, adept at languages, athletics, good memory, etc.)4.) A Material Possession (may not be THAT important but why not… your car, smart phone,etc)

      4.) Something in NATURE you’re grateful for (I love to go to Napa not just for the vineyards  but for the beauty including riding my bike thru the vineyards and scenery. I love the Eastbay Park System with countless amazing, diverse places to explore by foot, bike, water, air)

     5.) A Place On Earth (g. a favorite travel destination or just a place you admire for whatever reason)


6.) A Modern Day Invention (something as basic as the flush toilet or as complex as the smart phone or internet or your favorite food)

7.) Your Home or Place of Abode


 8.) Your Family, siblings

 9.) God, Universe or Higher Power – whatever your belief is

10. ) A Personal Possession – It may seem to go against the grain of what we’re aiming for here, but what the heck… you’re entitled to a favorite possession (even if it IS  a material object such as a car or smart phone





B.) Now Write Down WHY You Are Grateful for the Above  and, finally…


C.) Write Down HOW You Would Show Your Appreciation for these People and Items

(e.g. Writing a note to those people expressing your gratitude for them or writing a blog or poem about your favorite place, possession or thing, etc.)




 D.) optional) For an even more enhanced return, Share Your Top Three (of the 10 – or you can do all 10) Gratitudes with your family and/or friends for a wonderful , productive discussion next time you gather around – AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

















Hillary vs Watergate 2 - How Times Change 700

In today’s world Nixon may not look so bad in light compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton



      Below article by an older, more open-minded liberal  journalist  casts former President Nixon’s 1974 resignation  in a more  sympathetic light against the political backdrop of today.  While Nixon was by no means the most exemplary character he wasn’t all bad and , especially considering his less than stellar upbringing and resulting paranoia, handling his Presidency about as well as might be expected. Unfortunately, we don’t get the best quality human beings as presidents, but Nixon did make attempts while   bucking an uphill stream in the liberal late Sixties and ’70s.  Many never gave him a chance and his ego and persecution complex really took a beating.  

     He was not the sympathetic, likable candidate   we saw in JFK but Nixon was a hard worker who  did make  positive contributions as President and , as a person, must be given some credit for being able to bounce back from his 1960 loss and persecution in the media.  By today’s standards, his Watergate crimes pale in comparison to those of the Clintons, yet  the media carries their water as it has most liberal candidates. Not sure  why. 

      When I studied journalism in the 1960s a key requisite was to report both sides of the issue. A few years later true journalism disappeared and has never reappeared with rare exception, perhaps Martin Snapp’s own writing,  as below.




hillary vx watergate 1 700


by MARTIN SNAPP, Bay Area Newsgroup Writer and


Tuesday will be the 42nd anniversary of the Nixon resignation from the Presidency, an event I celebrated by literally dancing in the streets.

Why did people like me despise him so? Partly, it was because he fought dirty. Starting with his first race against Jerry Voorhis, his favorite tactic was intimating that whoever stood in his way was a traitor.

But I think the real reason was because, as much as we hate to admit it, he was the true mirror of our national soul.

We want to think we’re like Jack Kennedy – handsome, graceful, a hit with the girls. But the truth is that most of us are more like Nixon – insecure, resentful, and compulsively self-destructive.

I remember the night of the Kent State killings, when he tried to talk with protesters at the Lincoln Memorial by making chitchat about football. How we sneered!

It feels good to make fun of the class nerd. It makes you feel like part of the “in” crowd, even if you aren’t.

Especially when you can feel so self-righteous about it. After all, this was Nixon the red-baiter, second only to Joe McCarthy as the arch-villain of the 1950s. He deserved all the bad things that happened to him, didn’t he?

Yes and no. Sure, he looked silly talking about touchdowns and field goals to students who wanted to talk about war and peace. But it was the closest he could come to extending a hand. And we slapped it away, laughing at his lamenwss.

To a paranoid like Nixon, it must have been another confirmation of what life had been teaching him since childhood: He really was surrounded by enemies.

“What starts the process, really,” he wrote about his passion for winning, “are the laughs and slights and snubs when you are a kid. But if your anger is deep enough and strong enough, you learn that you can change those attitudes by personal gut performance.”



  HILLARY’S AMERICA The E-book: From Whitewater to Email Gate via Benghazi Uncovering
 The REAL Hillary Clinton and the Hidden Agenda of the Democrat Party in Review and 



Nixon had a childhood that would make anyone paranoid. His younger brother Arthur died from meningitis, then his older brother Harold died from tuberculosis.

Those illnesses ate up what little money the family had, and Nixon had to turn down a scholarship offer from Harvard and attend little Whittier College, instead. (No wonder he was so jealous of the Kennedys.)

And yet this loser, through sheer force of will, transformed himself into a winner. A lot of us thought he sold his soul in the process, but who among us is without sin? Our beloved Jack Kennedy’s record isn’t so hot when it comes to the McCarthy era, either. And remember, it was the Kennedys, not Nixon, who authorized the FBI wiretaps on Martin Luther King.

Ironically, after the fall of the Soviet Union the secret KGB files came to light, and it turned out that some of the people Nixon accused of espionage, like Alger Hiss, really were spies, after all.

I know it doesn’t make up for Watergate. All I’m saying is that Nixon was speaking for us all when he pronounced his own epitaph the day he resigned: “Others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

There, but for the grace of God, go we.



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Less Than 50% of Democrats Now Support Israel Despite Terror Threats – Jews Leaving Party?

Less Than 50% of Democrats Now Support Israel Despite Terror Threats – Jews Leaving Party?


Republicans increasing support for Israel while Democrats waning


Less than 50% of Democrats Now Supporting Israel, Down from 60% high


Jews still identify most with Democrat party but down to 61%, which may , in part, explain the unexpected drop in Democrat support for Israel, noted in chart #2

Less Than 50% of Democrats  Now  Support   Israel Despite Terror  – Jews Leaving Party?

The Democratic Party, once known for its strident support for Israel, has been bypassed by  Republicans by almost  30% in the past decades with Republicans now well ahead of Democrats in support of Israel, 75% to 48% as of a recent Gallup (2014) survey

Despite to what appears an increasing threat to Israel from ISIS, Iran and others – and, in light, of the latest terrorist killings   in Tel Aviv, Israel- Democratic support for Israel is down to 48% , down from 61% in  1991.  (Survey only goes back to 1990. ) We would imagine support was even higher with more supportive, earlier administrations, going back to the earlier skirmishes like the ‘6 Day War’  in late 1960s (but surveys don’t go back this far.)

It’s especially interesting because Democrats have, until  recent times have been the greatest friends of Israel – and, especially the Jews, of which the great majority have identified as Democrats. But, even this stat, appears to be changing, remarkably, indicated by Chart #3 which shows Jewish Democratic identification was down to 61% in 2014 from over 70% in 2008.  So, while the one-time ‘sympathetic’ party has, surprisingly dropped in support of Israel, the latter chart would lead us to believe that more Jews have ‘left the party’ or at least no longer identify with the Democratic party.

We must deduce that  the Jewish drop in Democratic affiliation has come in light of the increasing threat to Israel, which includes that coming from increasing anti-Israel  America.  It doesn’t come as a surprise that Jews may be reacting to America’s increased support for Iran and seeming decrease for Israel, as evidenced by President Obama’s strained relations with Israel while signing off on the big Iran nuclear pact against Prime Minister Netenyahu’s wishes. It’s not surprising to see that some American Jews may be reacting to America’s estrangement with Israel as President Obama has welcomed Muslim immigration to America by 57% while increasing aid to Iran ($150 million) and other Muslim countries.




ali, obama, trump








Many in today’s ‘PC’ culture will get offended by any comparison between Mohammed Ali, who we just lost, and Donald Trump.


But, in fact, Ali and Donald Trump have many things in common. Besides being highly charismatic individuals they were both considered loud and bombastic, perhaps sometimes talking before thinking some would say. Yet, Ali would win back a good share of praise while Trump  has not-yet


Ali was considered a radical, of sorts, way back in the EARLY 60s before it was popular. Only years later, did Ali gain more widespread acceptance as he backed up his statements, truly becoming the greatest boxer while also showing a softer, humanitarian side. And, with his strong Islamic beliefs for which he had changed his name from Cassius Clay, Ali went out of his way to accept everyone, from someone as different as Howard Cosell, to Ronald Reagan, yes, President Reagan the Republican – who Ali actually supported for a time. Ali was anything but ‘PC.’ Remember him calling George Foreman the ‘Gorilla from Manilla“?

Trump is getting much of the same negative reaction today that Ali got in the early 60s , but it’s coming, surprisingly – or not so surprisingly-  in these more modern, supposedly ‘accepting” times.  While Ali is getting most positive (deserved) eulogies, Trump the candidate is the bain of the mainstream media (and much of America) despite a very similar personality and style to that of Ali. Despite a long, positive track record, some will say  Trump hasn’t done enough to back up his words -yet- or perhaps our society is still too ‘PC,’ even though  Ali’s remarks considered outlandish at the time have become accepted.  In fact, Trump has established himself as one of the great businessmen of our time – and continued efforts by the media and political opponents to find fault have mostly gone nowhere as Trump has surprised everyone by coming from a business background to Republican frontrunner for Presiden


Don’t know if Ali and Trump were friends  but they would, no doubt, have respected each other and probably could be good friends, despite background or religious differences.  It seems that neither Ali or Trump’s bravado came out of dislike or hate for others but more out of self-confidence  and a desire to be the best they can. Some may call it braggadocio – and Trump and Ali are not the only ones – and if people can truly back  it up there should be a place for them as we seem to have granted Ali- only four years Trump’s senior.  Whether Trump will ever get   fair due – if and when he finally has earned it (if not already) only time will tell.  We believe in giving Trump the chance we gave to Ali. Sure, it was more difficult for Ali as a black man in the era he came up and he should be given that extra due – along with the fact that Ali had to suffer with Parkinsons in later years,. but in a society, which was pretty color blind from the 1970s until perhaps the Obama administration, everyone should be  given be the same fair chance.  It’s been 50 years since the 1964 equality act was signed by President Johnson – and only another  20 years since anti-semitism was rampant as recently as the 1940s.

Ali Didn’t Emphasize Race, Religion in Public

Sadly, religious and race relations  have taken a big hit in recent years . We no longer see the same acceptance accorded others by Ali by many of today’s   politicians and religious leaders and celebrities . Ali never seemed to use his Muslim-ness in a mean-spirited way. It was merely a religion he followed, not intended to be held up against those of other faiths . In addition, as with Trump, we saw a happy humor in Mohammed – not the mean-spirited resentfullness we see today in some of our celebrities and leaders who will wear race and religion all over  their sleeves.


It’s a sad irony to say it’s too bad Ali’s voice was all but silenced the past several decades -as he might have been   an even ‘louder’ role model that society so sorely needs today.  And LOUD can be good. For someone they called  a civil rights activitst, but he did it in the most quiet of ways, which can also be good.

ali, trump


Love Him Or Not, Trump Has Exposed Corrupt Parties, Delegate System

Love Him Or Not, Trump Has Exposed Corrupt Parties, Delegate System


Delegate Allocation








Democracy or Socialistic Society?   Trump Exposes That Your Vote May Mean Nothing

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has brought to the fore major corruption in both political parties that has affected the political process. Only a true outsider not dependent on crony capitalism and ‘insider trading’ could do this, so give Trump credit at least for opening up a new  anti-government wave against the corruption. What we just saw in ‘rigged’ voting in Colorado, Louisiana and states before  has been largely overlooked or ignored in past elections-until now. Trump is that guy many people have been waiting for to finally stand up against the mainstream media and establishment ‘system’ while having some impact. Trump may not be as organized or up on the issues  as others but he offers something that other candidates have not, heretofore. Trump’s campaign is in the hearts of many average American voters who haven’t been really heard until now.


No wonder we see candidates once far ahead in primary voting, such as Rick Santorum in 2012, suddenly cast aside by party elite assistance to, e.g. Mitt Romney.


Election Rigged Hillalry Lauaghing




Let’s face it. The insider party candidates are by and large all tied into money, dependent on lobbyists and crony capitalists in buying votes. And, other non- candidate party members are largely beholding to the party line for their jobs. Same goes for members of the media, who are nowadays tied into advertisers who favor certain candidates, usually Democrats or liberal-leaning persons. President Obama’s entire presidency has been politically-based with every decision tied to political gain. Only can someone like Trump come in and shake things up.



Party manipulation has long been part of the voting process, with parties tweaking the electoral delegate process as the Republicans did in 2012 to help   Romney gain the Republican ticket.   The electoral process may make sense to give small states a fair chance against big states but when it comes to delegate count, that shouldn’t be manipulated every election, if ever.   Certainly, the electorate must wonder, at times, what their vote is really worth if the party is going to make the ultimate decision who wins elections.



Voters must wake up,  appreciate and ACT with   Trump,Cruz and a few other outsiders like Carly Fiorina and Mike Lee  who have exposed the political game – on both sides of the isle. And, it CAN bring results against political insider corruption ,   going against the party plan.  The party Republicans have lost the last two elections with their guys, Romney and John McCain, but in the 1980s it was an outsider, like Trump, with the requisite personal money and and name recognition, one RONALD REAGAN,  WHO won two terms despite the party, which did not initially support him.


Islamic Doctrine of Deception

Today, more than ever,  the United States is approaching a ONE PARTY system, thanks to Obama, who continues to get away with murder with self-serving followers and media, who benefit directly or indirectly from Obama’s handouts, whether it be the growing number of poor thinking they’re really benefitting from all the favors or the well-heeled corporates and Hollywood wealthy raking in profits from Wall Street, propped up the past seven years by Obama’s zero interest rates ; the lower class seem to benefit in the short run   (but not really in the long run) by the various increasing handouts, from food stamps to health care to welfare; meanwhile we’ve seen the middle class shrink with many ending up in that lower class. Sounds more and more like totalitarianism than capitalism with the small higher class proletariat and the large lower class bourgeoisie, with many of its victims still blind to the REAL picture that’s been happening. Meanwhile, Obama continues to bring in left-leaning refugees to help swell the Democrat voting ranks.



Whether Trump makes it all the way or not, what he has achieved already in exposing the corruption will carry forth to other outsider candidates for the future. Just look at how outsiders Trump and Cruz have skyrocketed form nowhere to the top of their party candidates. Other ‘outsider’ candidates such as Ted Cruz can thank Trump for helping to expose the faulty system, which has brought over independents and even some Democrats. To a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders has done the same thing as Trump for the Democrat party. Hopefully, we’ll see other Republicans , and perhaps Democrats learn from Trump, as long as they’re willing to forego their deep pocket alliances. After all, Sanders has done pretty well without major sponsors as has Cruz to a lesser extent.










No, Trump is far from a perfect candidate, but he should be given credit and even a chance at the Presidency.  Sure, it would be a gamble with someone like him; but then, that’s what they said about Reagan, too, who had no real government experience before being elected President.



In a perfect world, outsiders like Trump and Cruz would band together to present what would appear to be an unbeatable ticket.   Trump’s bombast and personal attacks might have already gone too far for Cruz to swallow   and take a Vice President position on the ticket. But, if it were the only way for the Republicans to win, just maybe they would reconsideR.








Hopefully, voters can overlook the Trump bombast and see him and Cruz as the best two candidates running for President. Rather than being locked in, we should appreciate having one one but two outsiders as compared to the last two election losers.  Once we all get behind one or both of these refreshing outsider candidates we can have VERY GOOD CHANCE of beating the very weak Democrat candidates Clinton and Sanders. So, if you’re against ‘government as usual’ including crony captialism, dirty tricks, executive actions, try to appreciate the sleeping giant that Trump has awoken. It has brought many new GOP voters and exposed the lies in the SYSTEM, which can only help the anti-‘government-as-is’ movement.  No longer is supporting anti-establishment candidates considered so ‘kooky’ and terrible. We’re not supporting Trump – Cruz has many different qualities to offer , which is why he and Trump could make a great team, but Cruz may not have the votes or the unique media skills as Trump. Trump may be the last chance for saving this country from  the one-party, socialist system it is becoming.




donald_trump_for_president_2016_vote_republican_t_shirts-r52456af0124c46e2a005031be3e35d8e_i807u_324CRUZ TO VICTORY 1500





















Near Assassination ‘Second Chance’ May Have Spurred On Reagans to Even Greater Heights

Near Assassination ‘Second Chance’ May Have Spurred On Reagans to Even Greater Heights

read-ronald-reagans-beautiful-love-letter-to-nancy-0 (1)

Near Assassination ‘Second Chance’ May Have Spurred On Reagans to Even Greater Heights

As We Remember First Lady Nancy Reagan 


Much went through the mind since learning of Nancy Reagan’s passing.
I remember as a young man falling victim to the media’s attack on the First Lady at the time. I just accepted the innuendos and rumors that Reagan was a tough daughter-of-a-gun who had , perhaps ‘too much’ sway over the President.



Not until years later, with more scrutiny and maturity, did I realize
that Ms Reagan, in fact, was a big factor in the success of Reagan as President.
Keeping a happy relationship was important for any President to do his job and the Reagans
had one of the best marriages from all reports.



What may have helped that relationship, too, was the ‘second chance’
given Reagan after the near-fatal assasination attempt only a month after
Regan took office. It was noted by the head of the Reagan Library that Ms.
Reagan became even closer with her husband after that episode. It’s too bad
that , sometimes, it takes a serious incident like this, but this may have
given the Reagans an extra push towards, perhaps the most successful
presidential term in the past 50 years.



Though the Reagans were frequent targets of the media throughout
the eight year ‘reign,’there was never any scandal and the Reagans even
re-set the presidential image of the office, following the failing Carter


May it be a lesson to all of us to try to live our lives in a class
fashion. Regardless of political views, treat all with good cheer even if you
don’t agree. Laugh off what has become mean-spirited rhetoric today. We don’t
always get second chances like the Reagans- not that they wouldn’t have
gotten it right the first time,



The United States still hasn’t recovered from the Kennedy Assassination
50 years later and another such excecuion could have been completely disastrous.
Not only would we not have benefited as much from a ‘replacement’ President that
would follow over the next eight years but the replacement would likely
had difficulty living up to Reagan Legacy (Reagan being regarded as certainly
one of the two or three top Presidents of the past 50 years) that came only
inches away from never happening.

Angry Politics Mere Reflection of Culture

Angry Politics Mere Reflection of Culture


Donald Trump-king of the political soundbites and  noted twitter 

Love him or not, RUSH LIMBAUGH has been around awhile and makes some good, unbiased points that have little to do with taking sides. In trying to explain away what seems to be an especially hostile election atmosphere, Limbaugh drew a parallel to late night TV… He noted that the new Late Night with Steven Colbert show is having real ratings problems while Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show is doing well. It’s not necessarily that the Fallon show is any better than Colbert – we, personally, never saw any extended humor or quality content in the former – and it has nothing to do do with the actual viewership of the show but, rather, how many tweets and/or likes that are generated. Fallon’s show is set up on short bits, playing right into the hands of the Twitterers and Youtubers.
 It’s no wonder we don’t see much in the way of extended interviews anymore. Everything’s a 30-second soundbite with social media carrying it forth.  Johnny Carson  would never have good ratings today doing what his top-rated show did in the Seventies and Eighties. It’s a different world, notes Limbaugh, and   one must adapt if one wants to have a successful show -ratings-wise that is –or win in politics. Fortunately, audiences that are tied into the latest trends, there’s always cable with its 57 +channels and, yes, some good material, albeit not necessarily highly rated. But, again, to be successful, e.g. high ratings, one must follow the new line -whether you like (say, twitter) or not. No longer is quality and content necessarily tied to success. And, when it comes to politics and the Presidential election it’s not longer necessarily who’s really the best qualified but who is best at generating the most  ‘soundbites,’ i.e. social media. How else would a neophyte senator like Barrack Obama beat out much more experienced, ‘qualified’  people like Mitt Romney or even Hillary Clinton for the Presidency?  How is a businessman with no political experience like Donald Trump continuing to lead the polls despite saying the most outlandish things?  Because they know how to get the media attention.  Even with ‘high negatives’ someone like Trump can out-poll a seemingly better, more qualified  candidate (on paper) like a Rubio or Cruz.
The whole, mean-spirited nature of not only poliltics but culture, in general, probably goes back even before social media, perhaps even to the assassination of President Kennedy, but, no doubt social media has accelerated the angry culture.  Polite, upstanding citizens like a Ben Carson, qualified or not, don’t have a chance today. Yes, it’s a different world, politics or otherwise. Like it or not….
21 SUCCESS TIPS from WILL YOU LAUGH – Achieve Your Goals

21 SUCCESS TIPS from WILL YOU LAUGH – Achieve Your Goals

road-to-success-logo.good-clear-high-res-indd2 1200The Definitive Guide on Achieving Your Goals BY WILL YOU LAUGH
entrepreneur success
I have read over a hundred business books and watched over tens of thousands of videos from the most successful people in the world (interviews, speeches, compilations, etc.). I have listened to hundreds of podcasts episodes interviewing top performing millionaires. You tend to pick up on some common themes after going through so many. I decided to create a minimalist outline of only the core, most important things I have found that can increase your chances of achieving success and wealth. It ended up being longer than I thought. I went into a little detail to give you a couple real life examples to show you I actually know what I am talking about.


21 Powerful Habits of the Super Successful

Meditate (get up to at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night)
This can help with your:
How calm you are
Ability to separate from distractions around you and operate out of stillness (LL Cool J to Biggie Smalls to Jay Z had this)
Some argue a similar effect can be had with prayer or something that really gets you in your zone like quiet time jogging. I think there are certain aspects of meditation that cannot be replicated with other things and if they are, they are essentially doing a version of meditation. Meditation acts a tool to help your mind. It is as necessary to your mind as an oil change is to a car.
Have enthusiasm
Even for the lowliest of positions or occupations you have to take (unpaid intern or janitor)
““If it falls to your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music … Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.” -MLK
Form good habits
The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken
The younger you form them the better. The older you get, the harder it is to form and break habits.
Have a Positive mental attitude
Thinking negatively or dwelling on negative things is bad for your happiness and success
Golden rule. Do unto others as you would them do until you.
Be NICE to people. Be friendly. Be positive. Having a pleasing personality is huge.
Give value to others freely and without expecting anything in return (short term or long term)
Give your music, give your craft, give your services, give your time, give your energy, etc. In time, the more competent you get at something, it will come back to you in one way or other, whether it is growing buzz about you or through connections.
As a caveat, if you are a spineless nice guy-type, this may not work for relationships or dating. Read No More Mr. Nice Guy if you are. You may be the type who cannot feel comfortable unless you do and give so much for others to please others. That’s a different issue and should be avoided
Surround yourself with people better than you at what you want to accomplish
If you want to be smarter, surround yourself with smarter people. If you want to be richer, surround yourself with rich people. The opposite holds true. People worse than you will drag you down to their average with time as you hang around them.
“You are the average of the 5 people you hang around most”
As a caveat, I have realized that people have different strengths and weaknesses (pros and cons). No one is perfect. What do you do if you have a friend who is great at making money but is a negative downer or has no social skills or social life? Ideally, you would want to find someone who is at least average in the other areas or is not bringing you down in other areas. If not, you want to hang around them only for events and situations where mainly their strengths shine. For instance, hang around people who are very good at being social for social events.
Set goals. Write them down multiple times a day to remind yourself
Napoleon Hill says your purpose should be as definitive as possible. Sometimes, I feel you can’t have everything figured out and your purpose or career in life may not be crystal clear. However, you can still make your goal clear. For instance, my goal can be to test things out and find out what industry and career path if I don’t know what that is yet.
Find and do work you enjoy and are passionate about
Ideally, you want to get to the point you are excited and jump out of bed to go do the work. There will be tough days for any job though.
You want to consider how competent you are at this work or skill. If your potential for competence will never be there than this may not be what your calling is.
I suggest listing out things you like and dislike about careers you test out to move towards things.
Look for the alignment between something you enjoy, something you have the potential to be very competent at, and something that can pay you (to accomplish this last point and really squeeze the juice out of this, you may have to be very creative and/or very entrepreneurial)
It makes it a lot easier to not give up because you enjoy it so much. You will keep going when others quit when times get tough.
Do not fear failure or rejection. Don’t be so paralyzed you don’t act. Don’t fall into inaction by comfort.
Many types of failure have very small bad consequences. We blow it out of proportion. Failure is often times useful and necessary to get to where you want to go. They are learning experiences to guide you. Many successful people have failed many times whether it was in business ventures, ideas, products, or computer programs.
“If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.”
One of the greatest problems is comfort of the mediocre. It is not so bad that it prompts you to take action and so you sit there doing nothing.
Take action in life.
Some people know what to do but don’t take action. Some people accomplish nothing by never taking action on what they’re told. They believe they have but they’re not.
If you’re not a big reader. Babystep it. Start with 1 page a day. Take your time. Like lifting weights, it is about consistency. I also suggest audiobooks.
Check out my reading list. I suggest reading books by people you want to be like. There are hundreds of books by billionaires and tens of thousands by millionaires on how they got to where they got to in life. Read biographies.
Self-control. Having restraint. Not indulging in excess.
Do more than you are paid for. Do more than you are assigned to do. ALWAYS OVERDELIVER. This is huge.
Warren Buffett and Bill Gates say this is the number one thing. Focus on your craft and perfecting your skill is key. Warren and Bill focused intensely on computer programming and investing/accounting for years, which is what they say got them to where they are.
You don’t have to do it all alone. Work with a team. Partner with people. BUT ABSOLUTELY make sure that these people are honest, ethical, trustworthy, and people you get along with.
Ideally, you want to have some past history with them. This is absolutely key. You will get screwed over if they don’t have these qualities. There are many stories I know of partnership failures and so forth.
Spend less than you make.
Simple but more important. The more you save the better.
Take care of your body. You only get one.
Nutrition – eat healthy foods. This is fuel for your body. There’s plenty of advice online
Sleep – get as much as you need. I don’t use an alarm clock anymore.
Stress – eliminate as much as you can. This is partially mindset too. I am striving for a personality that cannot be stressed out or knocked. This is how some of the longest living people are like.
Exercise – I try to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic/cardio workout every day. This is key and this is what everyone needs to get to at the very least.
Go to bed at least a little better every day than you woke up.
I do this in a couple key areas: Wiser (more knowledge), healthier (exercise/nutrition/etc.), and Richer (more money)
Billionaire Charlie Munger has said you do this for being wiser. Kevin O’Leary has said you do this for more money. These things are KEY. What you will find is that if you have the fortune of living to an old age, these things grow. Every small piece of knowledge grows to something huge overtime.
Hard work.
Work and practice on your craft every day for hours. WORK ETHIC IS HUGE. If you can outwork your competition you are ahead. If you’re working while they’re sleeping or partying, you will get ahead in the long run even if you’re equally talented.
Help Others Succeed
The more you help other people be successful, the more successful you will be
Never Give Up
A lot of people give up when times get tough. As Steve Jobs said in the one interview he had with Bill Gates, if you love doing something so much, you will keep going even though everyone else has quit because it is logically insane to keep going. And that’s when the breakthroughs happen.


Bonus Concepts To Increase Your Chances of Success Even More:

Be present with people, your environment, and your work
Give people your full attention. Don’t be thinking about the future, other things, or the past while you are with people. Be fully ENGAGED. Meditation helps with this.
Be friendly, nice, and over-deliver. Establish good relationships with people.
This will bring customer loyalty, which will bring people back, referrals, and more.
Have a sense of humor, don’t take yourself too seriously and find some way to laugh everyday
This can be done in multiple ways: surround yourself with one or more people who make you laugh a lot OR watch a lot of stand-up comedy.
This has proven to help with your health, your healing of illnesses, your longevity and your happiness. There’s science behind this.
Some people take failures or bad events way too seriously and it affects them too negatively.
Wake up early and get things done before people even wake up and start their day.
A lot of successful entrepreneurs have this routine. Most wake up quite early. (Not all of them depending on the industry. Some have to work at night)
Start the day with working on your #1 priority
Use the 4 quadrants technique: Organize things into these 4 categories and do it with this priority queue: urgent and important, important but not urgent, not important but urgent, and not urgent and not important. The last two can be skipped.
Realize that the mind is a very changeable thing and you can change it for the better over time. Realize that the traits you admire in someone you can acquire for yourself. The things you respect in someone whether it is their hard work or trustworthiness or friendliness can be acquired for yourself.
Don’t complain
Learning about other people’s lives can help a lot with this. There are plenty of books out there of real life stories of people who have been born in the country you are with less opportunity who have gone on to do bigger things. A good one is The Glass Castle.
Turn your weaknesses or differences into strengths
I’ve seen this quite a few times from Arnold Schwarzenegger getting rejected for acting because of his accent and enormous physique to hip hop artists being rejected because hip hop was a new thing that was thought to be a fad and wouldn’t last long.
Find mentors or people to model success after. Pick people who have already gotten there. Make sure you pick well. Honesty and ethics are a must in my opinion. This is VERY Important. I cannot tell you how many successful people, including billionaires, stress the importance of a mentor.
Eliminate limiting beliefs.
We all have a number of assumptions or beliefs that are oftentimes not true in reality or in certain situations. Find them, eliminate them, and you stop them from holding you back. One way of finding things is by starting from the bottom and figuring out what you know absolutely is true and what you think may be true but might not.
Extra BONUS Entrepreneur Material:

Helpful Life Advice:

Realize that you control how you react to situations. You may not be able to control the stimuli or the environment but you can control your reaction to things.
Top Advice specific for Business:

Make sure the product or service is really good. Always keep trying to make it better. You can do marketing but if your product sucks or is not good enough, customers will not stick.
Billionaires Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, John Paul De Joria, and Jeff Bezos have said something similar.
As a caveat, don’t be so honed in on perfection that you are paralyzed and never release anything. Sometimes, your first thing is crap but you release it to get things going.
The customer is priority. Customers are #1. Do as much to give to your customer what they want as you can. Develop the best product or service the customer could want as possible
Customer service is very important.
Customers can sense if you really want to help them or are just after their money
Employees are #2, and technically are also, #1. This is because how you treat your employees will reflect directly on how they treat their customers. I cannot stress how many times this has been mentioned by successful entrepreneurs. Notable people who have mentioned this include the billionaire Sam Walton and Lee Cockerell of Creating Magic.
Find the right Business Partner. Take your time to really get to know this person. Ideally, spend years. This must be someone you can trust, fully understand, and is honest.
You want your partner to ideally cover your shortcomings. If you are into business, he must be into something else like sales.
I cannot stress how important this is. There are SO many entrepreneurs who have said this and embody this. There are so many successful businesses, some of them very recent, who emphasize this. This is because a business partnership is the core element of the business and if the partner leaves, betrays you, or takes the money and leaves, that could mean the end of the business. It is often not as easy as replacing the partner. This happens quite often.
It is not a requirement that you know your partner for years and be best friends, but it is better so that you can really get a good sense of who they are. Also, this does NOT mean you partner with someone just because they are your best friend. Business is tough and has ended many friendships.
There are dozens of examples of successful people who embody this. The following are pairs of billionaires who knew eachother for years: Paul Allen and Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Woz, Rich Devos and his best friend grew up together and fought in WW2.
I have a feeling I will be adding to this outline over the years. more