CNN’s Jake Tapper reports that Israeli bombed hospital in Gaza, killing 500 Palestinians despite extensive drone / photographic and audio evidence to the contrary, resulting in outbreak of angry anti-israel protests throught the mid-east and world.

Corrupt media are complicit, again, this time in latest ‘mis’ or dis-information of hospital bombing IN GAZA. Media are complicit in the current major strife AND DEATH throughout the world. Not sure what happened to the FCC but it’s certainly not helping the current situation in regulating truth in broadcasting.

Since many people are easily influenced by whatever they hear on their favorite media and aren’t able to- or don’t want to- separate fact from fiction, we have a major problem and its, sadly, time we need some kind of regulatory body to oversee the media just as we have the FDA for truth in food manufacturing and regulation . It’s got to the point that media are actually altering real photos, images and videos to represent what they want you to see, i.e. propaganda. Media will hide their sources at the very end of articles Even if it involves hiding the obvious truth. Yesterday, CNN reported that the hospital was bombed by israelis, rather than Hamas, despite all the evidence to the contrary, hiding its source , HAMAS ‘health ministry’, at the very end of the article.

Help Israel

As old ‘Walter Cronkite’ (or Tim Russert) journalists, we are offended that this is not only happening but causing death to innocents and even a potential world war – Yes, we’re closer to WWIII since 9-11 according to many. Just as it’s time for a regulatory body for social media It’s time for a ‘Propaganda ministry’ of media, unfortunately. Free speech is great in normal conversation but not when it’s broadcast as fact , affecting the lives of many.

Kudos to Biden coming out against the Hamas attacks on Israel (and even on their own people as in the hospital bombing). And now it’s time for Biden to back up his nice words with actions to prevent future tragedy. Biden has been indirectly responsible for much of the division by backing Iran, who provided billions of dollars to Hamas purportedly for -‘humanitarian causes’ (even dispelled by Iranian leaders themselves–‘we’re going to use the money however we want’) -much of which went for weapons and support of Hamas. it’s time for Biden to finally disown Iran as well as speaking out against continuing media disinformation which continues to foment division-and now over 3,000 deaths inthe middle east.. Biden’s flowery speech is great, but the world needs American leadership in ACTIONS , too, with sanctions against Iran and its allies as well as some real oversight of our growingly corrupt media in this country .
Do you agree?


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