JOE LIEBERMAN-Last of the Moderate Democrats

I’m not a Democrat but when I heard Joe Lieberman had passed March 27 it hit me hard

Yes, you probably heard Joe Lieberman , who once ran for vice-President and voted for republican John McCaiin for president , has passed away after a fall at 82.

It’s especially sad now when American could use a few more adults In the room- adults who could talk with-not at- each other. And Lieberman Was known to have a lot of republican AND democrat as well as dependent friends. He told Neil.Cavuto on Fox just last week that he had been upset by Chuck Schumer’s inference in the Israel-Hamas war, asking for Israel leader Netenyahu to be replaced .

He said that everything shouldn’t be about politics, putting his ‘country over politics.’

In recent years Lieberman became ostricized by his own increasingly left-moving Democrat party when he didn t vote in lockstep with them. After a long run as Connecticut senator he ran as Al Gore’s vic e president in 2000 only to lose a famously close eletion. He later lost a local election to a extreme left-leaning challenger leading him to leave the democrat party.

However, he scratched back becoming a Sena tor again but as an independent, garnering 70% of the republican vote!

After his last stint in politics Lieberman Later would help establish the ‘ No Labels ‘ movment. I was kind of hoping he mind put himself on the Presidential ticket..

Many Democrats criticized Mr. Lieberman’s support for the war in Iraq, but admirers said his strengths with voters lay in his rectitude, his religious faith and his willingness to compromise.


If you’re voting democrat, you’re voting for ...

-Hamas and against Israel and America

-Open borders with illegals treated bettet than oir own citizens with free health care , free food, free housimg, free phones, etc

-100,000 U.S. fentynal deaths from drug trafficking illegals, plus 300 new terrorists and at least new terrorist cells entering our Country each month

-Sex trafficking of our youth

-change In school curriculum encouraging Transgenderism


Joe Lieberman could have never been a Democrat today. As others whomleft the party like jeff Van Drew and Kirsten Cinema , and possibly Joe Manchin, They didn’t leave the democrat parry , the party left them in its increasing move to the left.