Donna Reed’s PAUL PETERSON Not Afraid To Speak Out Win Disneyland Tickets

Donna Reed’s PAUL PETERSON Not Afraid To Speak Out Win Disneyland Tickets



Not to pigeonhole PAUL PETERSON or typecast him as the son on the great DONNA REED show we watched and loved in the late 50s, early 60s – he’s done a lot more since then including acting and helping fellow child stars cope with growing up during changing times…
 And… he’s one of the few, perhaps, to speak his mind on the shape of today’s society.
For example, while so many early artists dismiss ‘rap’ as ‘acceptable kids’ music of today,Peterson comes right out and says for what it is: one of the many signs of cultural decline.
If more people stood up like Peterson, perhaps it wouldn’t solve problems of today but it might help.  (We don’t mean to preach, but were buoyed by Paul’s words. Here are Paul’s words, directly. (We won’t wish you a happy birthday quite yet. We know the feeling…)

Donna Reed’s PAUL PETERSON Not Afraid To ‘Tell It

Like It Is’

WmPaul Petersen (Facebook  9-17)

I love the birthday greetings, believe me I do, but my Birthday is on the 23rd of this month…Don’t rush me. 69 is going to be bad enough!!!


I have a few Housekeeping notes in addition to putting the brakes on birthday wishes; 1st, I don’t play Internet games, so please don’t ask for my participation. 2nd, please stop using my Timeline for your commercial purposes. It’s not fair, and an encroachment on my ability to communicate freely with my friends. 3rd, please continue to keep me posted on your personal lives. I read everything and cherish all of these FB friendships.

Now then, to some personal observations regarding the recent NFL controversies (which virtually ruined my weekend’s viewing pleasure) as they relate to children, women and social responsibility:
NFL professionals, (college graduates in the main), are NOT wanton criminals. In fact, the NFL players have HALF the rate of Criminality as their peer group when measured against Race, Gender and Age. This is true for Whites, Blacks and Others in professional sports. Don’t let the media frenzy fool you.

Cultural Values are at the root of our problems. Rap Music, Popular Entertainment, the spreading blight of ‘body art’ and the cowardice of the Popular Press (some call them “Press-titutes”) are all signs of cultural decline.
“Judge not, lest ye be judged” often prevents overt political action, especially for those who believe in Western Civilization’s Values, but “money talks and losers walk” is a fact of life.

Poisoned money is distorting the images that are suffocating our culture. Our media has been kidnapped by the Forces of Evil. If the resolution of storylines relies on unconstitutional mechanism you are witnessing covert influence. If an entire network is funded by Islamic money you are subjected to propaganda, not entertainment. When crucial news is denied to you by poisoned money or political influence you are vulnerable to political whims.
I understand Popular Culture. Please take a word from the Wise.

Wake Up. ‘

Paul Petersen


Donna Reed’s PAUL PETERSON Not Afraid To Speak Out Win Disneyland Tickets