‘ WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ? We’ll Tell You, Hillary


A Lot, Hillary…

BENGHAZI: –  Poorly Secured Libyan Embassy even after many requests by Ambassador Stevens and others –  Refusal to send in military jets during terrorist attack to at least try to stave off terrorist attackers –  Denial of terrorist attack, after the fact, for a full two weeks: ‘ It was a protest over a Youtube video’ –  Refusal to give true details eight months later, only false promises that the purpetrators ‘will be brought to        justice.’ –  FOUR DEAD AMERICANS That’s what difference it makes that you didn’t do your job, Hillary! The modus operandi for the Obama Administration becomes obvious after we see it repeated so often: 1) Promise an investigation and that purpetrators ‘will be brought to justice.’ 2) Do nothing, really, for months 3) Refuse to talk pending the ‘investigation.’ 4) String along the investigation for many months until , hopefully, people will forget and other topics will take over Americans’ short attention spans. 5) When people ask , ‘What REALLY Happened,’ just tell them ‘ Oh, that was so long ago…’

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WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Lots of Benghazi Answers for Hillary

Pick One: Like this if you think we should have Select Hearings on Benghazi …