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(Also see ARCHIVES at If it seems like most of these stories we report ,below, target the mainstream media and Dems its because those involve the stories mostly not covered or which were highly edited.

‘Trump, clean this mess up!’ Chicago resident’s fury at migrant crisis

‘Dem Party is DONE in Chicago!’ Black voters decry treatment of homeless while migrants get the ‘welcome mat’

They’re (Dems) laying groundwork for assassination on Trump.

‘Israel is the battered woman of western civilization’ David Mamet, vintsge Hollywpod filmwriter, author of ‘E erywhere an Oin Oink’

  -‘ANY JEW WHO VOTES DEMOCRAT IS OUT OF THEIR MIND’- David Mamet, a’ court jester for what’s going on in hollywood’jp

60 Years Later, JFK’s Interrupted Dream Remains Unfulfilled – How One Man  Made A Difference

MLK Jr Had A Dream, JFK Tried To Fulfill That

Dream 60 years ago … a dream that to for  day still awaits to become reality. If anything, the 6<‘ to one tragic day, Nov 22 , 1963 from which we’ve never recovered.  Fascinating article , ‘A D1ream Interrupted,’  from Steve Bhaerman, inspired by James Douglass’ book. It’s a well-sourced , well-written view of how politics and personal ego got in the way and destroyed the dreams and the positive direction of one great man , who lost his life- and the world lost its moral compass. As a kid, a noticed an immediate Sea Change in society and culture . Hard to believe one man  could have made thst much difference , but, now I am really believing it- with my new knowledge from this fine read>>>

Dems: Ideology over human lives

Featuring stupidity and ignorance.

No impeachment by republicans of Biden, Mayorkas, Wray, or fails to censure  Talib or Menendez, who has Two time charges against him but GOP expells it’s own, Geo Santos, with a great voting record of 96 without even a trial. Now GOP has only a 2 vote margin in house


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60 years ago some same the day the music died ! Oakland CA radio survey Nov. 30 week 1963,

Again, following JFK assassination

Full story


Oakland City Council calls for ceasefire in Gaza amid support for Hamas | The Times of Israel

-How govt Democrats Killed Jan 6 victim Matt burner walking thru the capitol and prolonging a phony case with threat of nine years in prison

Disney Admits Its Left-Wing Politics Hurt Shareholders


Why 94-year-old Home Depot Cofounder  Bernie Marcus Blasts Biden while Supporting Trump.

More Bernie Marcus

High Stakes and a Simple Choice


By Bernie Marcus

FREE U.S. – Israel Flag Pin.

-+ More veterans week news and notes

DERSHOWITZ: OBAMA HATES ISRAEL, Responsible for Stoking Division, Anti-Semitism in U.S. ,  World

Josh Hawley Goes Off On Sec. Mayorkas Over Social Media Posts Of DHS Emp…

20% of Democrats Now Say They  Back Hamas! 15 Dems in House would not vote for measure Condemning Hamas


No wonder Trump is so far ahead in the polls and De Santos did so well. It’s because they did a great governing job for 4 years. Unlike some others like Nikki Haley who got by doing the basics. Trump and De Santos went out of their way for the people to do most everything well.

You have Rinos who are nothing much different than democrats who don’t care about the people and success and just want the money and power. They just think basics with few changes-nothing better, onlyworse. Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter because he was a do nothing milk toast Middle-of-roader who did nothing. Same WITH Bushes- did nothing. Reagan and Trump were leaders who worked day and night for the people- not for money or fame but to really HELP.

How Did We Get Here?

The Incredible Lightness of Barack Obama

by Victor David Hansen @VDHansen

Yet just as Obama seems somewhat clueless about the contradictions of an erstwhile “community organizer” turned into a hyper-capitalist, consumption-addicted elite, so too Obama has little self-awareness about how much of Biden’s unpopularity derives from his continuation of Obama’s own agendas on the economy, border, crime, race, foreign policy, and energy.

Joe Biden is caught in a quadfecta of corruption, cognitive decline, a failed agenda, and eroding polls. Amid this apparent vacuum, an opportunistic Barack Obama — who used to be more discreet in managing his third term—is reentering the arena.

Last week, he came out as the overseer of the Biden administration’s AI agenda, even as his foundation’s “Democracy Forum” was warning Americans about the need for “inclusive capitalism” and the pathologies of “material consumption”—all this from a multi-mansioned multimillionaire.

Now, Obama is weighing in on the Gaza war by undercutting his third-term presidential proxy.


Potential lead candidate for Trump VP slot?

Fiery Vivek Doesn’t Mince Words in Skewering McDaniel, Media, Debate Format

#vivek #ramaswamy #gop #debate | #ronna mcdaniel 

-Media were embedded with Hamas, planned for months- yet media never told anyone that israel was about to be slaugbtered!!! ap, CNN, retures, NY Times

Why the GOP Keep Losing Elections (by razor thin margins)


  Republicans are too wimpy and nice.

And dont realize the democrats will do anything to stay one step ahead.

And not do it the legitimate way by Winning on issues but by cheating.

The GOP has not done enough to override the sneaky Dem election law changes . why not try to change back the laws like Florida – and see the positive results.  Nor have GOP  noticed that they’re being ripped off. Why else are the close elections like Virginia? It’s always going the democrats way by a thin margin, never the republicans way. Lots of Election interference evidence again but nobody wants to look at it.

Also , they let the Dems word the elections In their favor , e.g. on abortion:

right to “make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions,” including decisions about abortion, contraception INSTEAD OF ‘ Should women be able to abort their live embryos right up to the 9 months time  of birth? ‘ Words make a big difference and Dems seem to sneak in their own persuasive worst g every time

“You won’t need Russia to destroy you.  You will destroy yourself from within.”  

1634842897286807-0.png (508×508)

Where are all the jewish protesters against muslims

Behind Dem hate:

Since humans have massive negativity bias (1x bad is ~10x worse than 1x good)…

Sultan destroying the Muslim narrative when in fact, over 500 million or 500,000 Muslims have been killed by other Muslims in Syria and other countries. The buzz let me eat their own, but when they go after Israelis, it’s, hes really sure it’s false, and nobody says anything about the Muslims killing their own 500000 –

only when they kill Israeli sentences, really’s fault, and otherwise they look away when they kill their own- levin

Those who NEED the approval of others use hating “bad” things as a shortcut for approval over supporting “good” things—hate gives 10x returns.

The more desperate for approval, the stronger the HATE for whatever is “bad”.


-Steven markryan x


If this isnt election interfence and an unfair court nothing is …..Gary D (@KMGGaryde) pos.m I’mted at 9:57 AM on Mon, Nov 06, 2023:

Watch 👀 and then tell me there is no Election Interference by AG Letitia James


Palestines no different than Hamas. Palestine leader wouldnt condemn Hamas or atrocity. me a n w hike VPs step daughter r a i sed $8 million for Hamas. so if people tell you we need to sav e the Palestinians they’re one and the same and could move if they want to.

Free Trump from Huckabee

Give your kids the REAL story about o UT President Trump and all the good things he did- not then lies the media tells you

-What’s behind all the sudden, unlikely anti-Israel sentiment ? >>>

Seen “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix yet?


This should be shown over and over – not because it is anti-Democrat or pro-Trump – because it exposes the truth. It should be one standard for all:

Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) posted at 9:39 PM on Fri, Oct 27, 2023:

Donald Trump’s Attorney Played Video Of Over 4 Straight Minutes Of Nancy Pelosi/ Democrats & The Media Calling For Violence, Death, Destruction And Even His Assassination During Trial

Media continues to play game of moral equivalency while Biden admin does everything based on politics and its base- like flip-flopping numerous times on telling Israel whether it should ceasefire or pause or not – with ‘pause’ being a gentle, flip-flop way of telling Israel to stop fighting so ‘the squad ‘ and media won’t get mad. 9-11 totally forgotten and fake news has buried it under Gaza hospital bombing blamed on Israelis and other anti- Israeli false equivalencies. Media continues to play game of moral equivalency

Hillsdale Censored-

Some social media companies won’t allow us to tell you the name of this seminar, which explores the plan by members of the world’s elite—who meet at the World Economic Forum every year in Davos—to impose the global rule of so-called experts. American citizens who want to preserve freedom must educate themselves about this tyrannical plan, its ramifications for our country, and pro-freedom alternatives. Sign up now—for free—to receive the lectures from this seminar in your inbox.

‘We have a chinese communist agent living in the white house and his name is president Joe biden’ Andrew McCarthy new republic