WHY HEAVY ARTILERY TO EGYPT? 60 Minutes Love Fest, Death Panels






Does it make any sense that we are arming new President Morrisey of Egypt with heavy duty rockets and tanks, especially when he has repeatedlyspoken out against Israel with extreme statements like the Jews descended from apes and pigs’ (taken right from the Koran and ‘The Holocaust never happened.’

And. what would Egypt even do with the guns? Shoot them at Israel?
They have no other enemies and we can’t think of what else they would
use them for. This is beyond bizarre that the Obama administration
would continue arming Egypt, even after Obama admitted that Egypt
is not a friend of ours. And, with our economy, it’s just
million dollars more in debt…

Sadly Obama administration believes that they can help democratize
Islamic nations like Egypt.  They need only look at the 60 year histroy of the ‘Brotherhood’  to  see that there never has been any indication of peace with Israel or even any one who is not a Muslim for that matter. Nice to be idealist but reality is reality. 

Asbad as Mubarik may have treated his people , Morrisey and the new
Islamic government is worse as we see by the continued civil insurrections.

And, then there are others like Senator mary Landreau of Louisiana who feel there’s no spending problem, ‘despite what Fox News says.’   Thus, the spending continues.. and when it goes for inapproriate things we wonder…  If my small business ran without budgeting I’d be in big trouble, yet the  U.S. government can continue on this way, affecting 300 million citizens!



OBAMA PROBLEM : It’s Largely in the Attitude.

As long as Obama makes everything about him
it’s going to be harder for im to get things done.
Instead of saying ‘I’m going to insist this gets done,’
as he stated to Las Vegas high schools 1-29
after flying across country in his jet just to make that speech.

If Obama tried saying ‘WE would like to work together
to get things done.’ That’s how legislation works. There’s
an old expression ‘ You woo with honey ‘

Obama’s big problem in getting the Republicans to
go along with things is his ATTITUDE. As good a
politician he may be as far as wooing voters (rightly
or wrongly) he makes everything about ‘ME’when it comes
to his constituents, including some Democrats lately.

Just try it President. A very simply thing.



60 Minutes Love Fest

It appears a carefully scripted interview featuring outgoing Secretary fo State Hillary Clinton with President Obama took place sunday night January 31 to help position Clinton in a better light for a likely run for President in 2016.

 Following what most objective viewsers must consider a meltdown by her in the recent Benghazi Congressional hearing, Clinton needed to go out on a positive note and Obama and liberal leaning 60 MInutes helped accommodate her,


Clinton spoke about how proud she is of how she performed as Secretary and the
position in which she left the country. One could easily ask whY and how?
Under Clintoon the U.S. lost two at least two long-time pro-american administrations
in Egypty in Libya. while they may have been dictatorships, at least the the
governemtns of Mubaric and Kadafi remained pro-Israel and helped keep their
geographical neighborhoods non-violent over the past few decades. Their ‘Muslim
Brotherhood’ replacements have already resulted in considerable bloodshed
including the loss of our Libyan ambassador Stevens and three other americans –
another black mark against
Clinton as it appears she and her fellow administrators might have been able
to prevent the deaths had they paid better attnetion to security reports.


Her admission to not liking to appear on Sunday morning talk shows and that ‘ it didn’t
matter’ what she did or didn’t do during the Benghazi affair hardly speaks well
for her. Even the one real notch in her belt, the killing of Bin Laden has come
into question as to whether it was the Bush administration that really set up
the intelligence that took Bin Laden, and some are now questioning the possible
torturous methods used in gaining information. Finally, under Clinton, the U.S.
lost more Navy Seals that in all prevous years coombined including 23 in one
incident along with over 1,000 military troops in Irag and Afghanistan,
where war and American deaths continue to mount.


Yes, Clinton travelled thousands of miles around the world during her tenure,
but what was really accomplished to make the world a safer place? It would
appear the U.S. has more enemies today than ever before while she leaves
with Israel in a precarious state, without a true friendly nation in its midst.
Meanwhile, the U.S. continues giving f-16 jets to Egypt and other weapons to our
enemies, which could likely be used against Israel -who else would they be
used against?. Meanwhile, our rather inept Congress praises Clintons – at least
with an outward display of words upon her exit as Secretary of State. And, if
things went so well and she wants to run for President, while is she leaving
her post?


In any case the 60 MInute ‘lovefest’ was no doubt an attempt by the left leaning
media – and Obama – to help clearthe ‘bad taste’of Clinton’s k Benghazi
testimony and position her for no less than a better legacy and possibleh Presidential











Prior tot he Obamacare debate, former Republican Vice Presidential nominee
Sarah Palin and others were widely critisized for stating that Obamacare
would result in older citizens being ‘sacrificed’ before their time.


Now , after the fact, now that Obama is well ensconsed in his second term
Presidency and the Democrats are in control they are all but admitting
this is one of the ways that Obamacare will have to be paid for, by letting
older population die as they get closer to their time


former secretary of state Robert Reich came out recently saying this in
so many words. The President can’t deny it. Taxking the rich can only cover so much
like 8 days out of a year. Something will have to be paid form other sources.