For Those Who Have Loved and Lost and more – A Healing Spiritual Revelation-Dani Shapiro, ‘Devotion’ Book

For Those Who Have Loved and Lost and more – A Healing Spiritual Revelation-Dani Shapiro, ‘Devotion’ Book

Not since I happened upon a particular episode of ‘Touched By An Angel’ more than a decade ago have I come upon such spiritually healing words /visions that have done as much for this blogger. I’ve never been able to recapture that episode of TBAA but Dani Shapiro’s words are here to stay, and, hopefully may be of an equally healing nature for others like us who have been through many  tragedies in life



DANI SHAPIRO Books – Devotion – Spiritual Journey

This morning I had one of those personal revelations listening to Dani Shapiro interview on Oprah. Apparently Ive been doing alot of the ‘right’ things Ive needed to do after whats transpired in my life but didnt know I was necessarily moving in the right directions . ( I can go into this another time.) These thoughts probably wont have as much meaning for you as they do me  but you can get a greater window into this sometimes neurotic person Burt K…and may gain something from it otherwise for your own spiritual enhancement.

from Oprah Super Soul Sundays


‘DEVOTION’ spiritual book by Dani Shapiro –  ‘What Do You Believe’?


Dani Shapiro was born to an orthodox father and athiest mother whose early death and illness became turning points in Dani’s life. These events WOKE HER UP from that ‘hard kernal of sadness’ in what was then ‘the humdrum everyday way of life ‘ for her and many around her. She would await the next impending doom in her life instead of experiencing  the beautiful life of the NOW. Sad, Bad things will happen again and again in life but we must learn to not only enjoy but savor the many good times in between-especially those like some of us who have experienced much loss, sadness and even tragedy. And even build upon it.

As Oprah points out in the interview, at least Dani had the foresight to ‘awaken’ and do something about her spiritual void. After waking up every morning at 3 am with feelings of something really missing from life   one day the word DEVOTION popped into her head during her yoga class and her reawakenin g began as she wrote down her thoughts around that word that became the title of her new book.


Not Just For Those Who Have Loved and Lost – A Healing Spiritual Revelation from Dani Shapiro, ‘Devotion’ Book


Special, fleeting moments…
‘Learn from others (like Dani) and incorporate new views and be open to change your previous ‘locked in’ thought patterns’….
Your teachers can be books, things you see on TV, even links on twitter as well as serendipitous events …Perhaps take notes.
Be open to receive….Ref ‘The Alchemist’... Follow and be open to the ‘teachers’ around you.
‘Youre going to miss this  someday… Dont let even mundane events like packing your kids lunch become routine. As the great Warren Zevon said ‘Enjoy every sandwich.’

Simply Driving with her son watching the fall leaves turn…That can be a sacred moment. WHEN YOU’RE BEING WITH SOMEONE REALLY BE WITH THAT PERSON. EVERY EVENT CAN BE MEMORABLE.



Ask ‘What are the spiritual takeaways of your past and now?’…Recognize even the negative… Every death is a wake up call WE CAN LEARN FROM.
Recognize the possibility of the divine in every moment like a lense to the world or that moment is lost.  The energy of a place or event can becone sacred like that beautiful day in Napa with Mindy Helen Maggie and her mother and dog just sitting out on the winery lawn enjoying life  one special day among many. Every day can be a special day and now THEY ARE in my life. Without the losses perhaps I would be unaware of these daily special moments…walking the dog or just  waking early to that wonderful  morning sun and fresh chill in the air.  Ref: Abraham Joshua Heshold> ‘THE TASK OF LIFE IS TO FACE SACRED MOMENTS’  It can require courage. Some can shut down from close deaths and tragedy and some will make lemonade out of the lemons to use a trite phrase. God has given us this wonderful life not everyone gets to enjoy like those taken away from us prematurely…Joan, Don,Cookie, Polly, Mitch, Juicy, Dorian,Kevin and Mikee among others famous and not so famous. ( I like when I can drop names like this to keep these friends alive, never forgetting).

Life happens but we can control what we are given. One CAN heal from tragedy.



REMAIN CURIOUS. Greatest underated trait. Follow the path of my own calling. That is where to find , finding, speaking. Follow the gut more than the head.

All of have longing and it is important to keep reaching out for the invisable we cant touch

 For Those Who Have Loved and Lost – A Revelation from Dani Shapiro, ‘Devotion’ Book