DOES REAL TRUTH MATTER ANYMORE? New NPR CEO Katherine Maher believes pursuit of truth is a ” ‘distraction’ that can get in the way of ‘getting things done.’

DOES REAL TRUTH MATTER ANYMORE? New NPR CEO Katherine Maher believes pursuit of truth is a ” ‘distraction’ that can get in the way of ‘getting things done.’


 Quote by Gustave Flaubert: “There is no truth. There is only perception.”  (sophists belief)

NPR’s CEO Katherine Maher has a loose connection to the concept of truth. She thinks it is subjective. Speaking at a TED Talk in 2021 from her previous vantage point heading up Wikipedia, Maher explained how the truth can get in the way of doing what needs to be done. (PM) More

This talk came several years before the recent article from now former NPR writer Uri Berliner that criticized NPR’s ‘perception’ of truth, such as failing to report in any depth the Hunter Biden laptop story, whose omission (along with those of other mainstream media) quite likely influenced the 2020 presidential election in Biden’s favor.

But Maher has another problem: her archive of 29,400 tweets, says Christopher Rufo:

“I have spent the past few days exploring Maher’s prolific history on social media, which she seems to have used as a private diary, narrating her every thought, emotion, meeting, and political opinion in real-time. This archive is a collection of her statements, but at a deeper level, it provides a window into the soul of a uniquely American archetype: the affluent, white, female liberal—many of whom now sit atop our elite institutions.

Americans, even CEOs, are entitled to their opinions and to their own life decisions, of course. But the personal and psychological elements that suffuse Maher’s public persona seem to lead to political conclusions that are, certainly, worthy of public criticism.

transit justice,” “non-binary people,” “late-stage capitalism,” “cis white mobility privilege,” “the politics of representation,” “folx.” She supported Black Lives Matter from its earliest days. She compares driving cars with smoking cigarettes. She is very concerned about “toxic masculinity.”

On every topic, Maher adopts the fashionable language of left-wing academic theory and uses it as social currency, even when her efforts veer into self-parody. She never explains, never provides new interpretation—she just repeats the phrases, in search of affirmation and, when the time is right, a promotion.

Maher understands the game: America’s elite institutions reward loyalty to the narrative. Those who repeat the words move up; those who don’t move out.

Next, you notice the partisanship. Maher was “excited” about Elizabeth Warren in 2012. She “just [couldn’t] wait to vote” for Hillary in 2016. She once had a dream about “sampling and comparing nuts and baklava on roadside stands” with Kamala Harris. She worked to “get out the vote” in Arizona for Joe Biden but slightly resented being called a “Biden supporter”; for her, it was simply a matter of being a “supporter of human rights, dignity, and justice.”

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a “deranged racist sociopath.”

If you read Maher’s tweets closely, you also get glimpses of the human being. She spent much of her time in airports, taxis, meetings, and conferences. She expressed anger over the fact that most first-class flyers were white men, then noted that she went straight “to the back of the bus.” In her thirties, unmarried and without children, she felt the need to explain that “the planet is literally burning” and that she could not, in good conscience, “bring a child into a warming world.”

Behind the frenetic activity and the moral posturing, you wonder. Maher once posted her daily routine, which involved yoga, iced coffee, back-to-back meetings, and Zoom-based psychotherapy. She resented being served maternity advertisements on Instagram, she said. She was not “currently in the market for a baby” and would not be “tending her ovaries” according to the dictates of American capitalism. 

Americans, even CEOs, are entitled to their opinions and to their own life decisions, of course. But the personal and psychological elements that suffuse Maher’s public persona seem to lead to political conclusions that are, certainly, worthy of public criticism.”

Real Truth doesn’t matter’ appears to be the current mantra of democrats. Its more important to get along and follow  their own truth (whether made up or not). This Doesn’t jive with most Republicans who do not generally March in lockstep as we see in Congress where dems generally vote unanimously while GOP do not….as we see democrats trying to rebuild their own ‘truths’…

…which makes it difficult for the minority of Republicans/conservatives who DO believe in established truths rather than changing them on a whim for convenience/politics .

To answer the question directly: Truth is absolute. It is not a matter of perception, relativity, definition or consensus.(James Redvan:

To address the explanatory text in the question: it is reasonable to note the relativity of the perception of truth, but entirely unreasonable to go on to state “… truth is approximated to what a large number of reasonable people think is true or will agree is true when given enough reason(s).”

It makes absolutely no difference what every person on Earth believes about the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. It either does or it does not.

You can argue that the truth of the statement depends on the definitions of “rotation”, “Earth” and “Sun”, sure. But that is a filter of language over underlying facts. The facts are, independent of semantics.

Does God exist? Belief makes no difference to the fact. Our inability to know makes no difference to the fact. Our wishes make no difference to the fact. Consensus makes no difference to the fact. For a given definition of “God” and “exists”, the truth is either yes or no and it is not up for debate.

Morality is based on consensus, but morality is not an issue of truth/fact; it is a human emotional concept.

The answer to this question becomes much clearer when you are careful not to confuse perception, relativity, definition, consensus and truth.

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Biggest Story UnCovered in mainstream media – NPR Whistleblower Calls Out Increasing Media Bias

Biggest Story UnCovered in mainstream media – NPR Whistleblower Calls Out Increasing Media Bias




Biggest Story Hardly Covered in mainstream media as , perhaps , another Journalistic Hero Emerges: URI BERLINER

NPR whistleblower Uri Berliner claims colleagues ‘confidentially’ agree with him about broadcaster’s hard-left bias >>>

@jameshartline IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: I’ll be reporting tomorrow on how the bombshell revelations that were just disclosed by an NPR editor whistleblower are connected to DOJ abuses in the Trump classified documents case. NPR is a taxpayer-funded news organization. NPR colluded with Adam Shifty Schiff and Congressional Democrats in the Russia Collusion hoax to get Trump.

Uri Berliner, a senior business editor at NPR, wrote in an essay for the Free Press that NPR’s coverage veered off the deep end when Trump was elected in 2016. He cited its coverage of Russiagate first and said NPR “hitched our wagon” to Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who peddled Trump-Russia collusion claims for years.

“Schiff, who was the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, became NPR’s guiding hand, its ever-present muse. By my count, NPR hosts interviewed Schiff 25 times about Trump and Russia. During many of those conversations, Schiff alluded to purported evidence of collusion. The Schiff talking points became the drumbeat of NPR news reports,” Berliner wrote.

Berliner also disclosed that there were 87 registered Democrats and 0 Registered Republicans working in the NPR newsroom. Again, NPR is a taxpayer-funded news organization.

But it gets much, much worse.

Tomorrow, I’ll be reporting on the connections between NPR and the DOJ “Get Trump” classified documents case.

JOE LIEBERMAN-Last of the Moderate Democrats

JOE LIEBERMAN-Last of the Moderate Democrats

JOE LIEBERMAN-Last of the Moderate Democrats

I’m not a Democrat but when I heard Joe Lieberman had passed March 27 it hit me hard

Yes, you probably heard Joe Lieberman , who once ran for vice-President and voted for republican John McCaiin for president , has passed away after a fall at 82.

It’s especially sad now when American could use a few more adults In the room- adults who could talk with-not at- each other. And Lieberman Was known to have a lot of republican AND democrat as well as dependent friends. He told Neil.Cavuto on Fox just last week that he had been upset by Chuck Schumer’s inference in the Israel-Hamas war, asking for Israel leader Netenyahu to be replaced .

He said that everything shouldn’t be about politics, putting his ‘country over politics.’

In recent years Lieberman became ostricized by his own increasingly left-moving Democrat party when he didn t vote in lockstep with them. After a long run as Connecticut senator he ran as Al Gore’s vic e president in 2000 only to lose a famously close eletion. He later lost a local election to a extreme left-leaning challenger leading him to leave the democrat party.

However, he scratched back becoming a Sena tor again but as an independent, garnering 70% of the republican vote!

After his last stint in politics Lieberman Later would help establish the ‘ No Labels ‘ movment. I was kind of hoping he mind put himself on the Presidential ticket..

Many Democrats criticized Mr. Lieberman’s support for the war in Iraq, but admirers said his strengths with voters lay in his rectitude, his religious faith and his willingness to compromise.


If you’re voting democrat, you’re voting for ...

-Hamas and against Israel and America

-Open borders with illegals treated bettet than oir own citizens with free health care , free food, free housimg, free phones, etc

-100,000 U.S. fentynal deaths from drug trafficking illegals, plus 300 new terrorists and at least new terrorist cells entering our Country each month

-Sex trafficking of our youth

-change In school curriculum encouraging Transgenderism


Joe Lieberman could have never been a Democrat today. As others whomleft the party like jeff Van Drew and Kirsten Cinema , and possibly Joe Manchin, They didn’t leave the democrat parry , the party left them in its increasing move to the left.

Poll: 1 in 5 Mail-In Voters Admit Fraud in 2020 Election

21% of mail-in voters surveyed said they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member. In addition, 17% of these voters said they signed a ballot for a friend or family member “with or without his or her permission”

8% said they were offered “pay” or a “reward” for voting in 2020. It is a felony to buy or sell votes. 


Empowering and equipping a movement of thousands of people like you to expose wrongdoing, with the support of an in-house team of elite journalists to bring factual, unbiased stories to light.


‘Israel is the battered woman of western civilization’ David Mamet, vintsge Hollywpod filmwriter, author of ‘E erywhere an Oin Oink’

  -‘ANY JEW WHO VOTES DEMOCRST IS OUT OF THEIR MIND’- David Mamet, a’ court jester for what’s going on in hollywood’jp




CNN’s Jake Tapper reports that Israeli bombed hospital in Gaza, killing 500 Palestinians despite extensive drone / photographic and audio evidence to the contrary, resulting in outbreak of angry anti-israel protests throught the mid-east and world.

Corrupt media are complicit, again, this time in latest ‘mis’ or dis-information of hospital bombing IN GAZA. Media are complicit in the current major strife AND DEATH throughout the world. Not sure what happened to the FCC but it’s certainly not helping the current situation in regulating truth in broadcasting.

Since many people are easily influenced by whatever they hear on their favorite media and aren’t able to- or don’t want to- separate fact from fiction, we have a major problem and its, sadly, time we need some kind of regulatory body to oversee the media just as we have the FDA for truth in food manufacturing and regulation . It’s got to the point that media are actually altering real photos, images and videos to represent what they want you to see, i.e. propaganda. Media will hide their sources at the very end of articles Even if it involves hiding the obvious truth. Yesterday, CNN reported that the hospital was bombed by israelis, rather than Hamas, despite all the evidence to the contrary, hiding its source , HAMAS ‘health ministry’, at the very end of the article.

Help Israel

As old ‘Walter Cronkite’ (or Tim Russert) journalists, we are offended that this is not only happening but causing death to innocents and even a potential world war – Yes, we’re closer to WWIII since 9-11 according to many. Just as it’s time for a regulatory body for social media It’s time for a ‘Propaganda ministry’ of media, unfortunately. Free speech is great in normal conversation but not when it’s broadcast as fact , affecting the lives of many.

Kudos to Biden coming out against the Hamas attacks on Israel (and even on their own people as in the hospital bombing). And now it’s time for Biden to back up his nice words with actions to prevent future tragedy. Biden has been indirectly responsible for much of the division by backing Iran, who provided billions of dollars to Hamas purportedly for -‘humanitarian causes’ (even dispelled by Iranian leaders themselves–‘we’re going to use the money however we want’) -much of which went for weapons and support of Hamas. it’s time for Biden to finally disown Iran as well as speaking out against continuing media disinformation which continues to foment division-and now over 3,000 deaths inthe middle east.. Biden’s flowery speech is great, but the world needs American leadership in ACTIONS , too, with sanctions against Iran and its allies as well as some real oversight of our growingly corrupt media in this country .
Do you agree?


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Israel, Our White-House Absurdities, and the Left’s Empire of Lies

Israel, Our White-House Absurdities, and the Left’s Empire of Lies

by Victor Davis Hanson

Israel, Our White-House Absurdities, and the Left’s Empire of Lies

The Biden administration is furiously trying to contextualize its past, unsupportable policies that have sown global chaos, especially in the Middle East. But the more it spins, the clearer its culpability.
Does it really believe that the long-agreed-upon U.S. green-lighting of $6 billion in sanctions relief to Iran has had no role in Iran’s terrorist support of Hamas, whether psychological or material or both? Do they think we are that stupid?

Even a first-grader might surmise that if a terrorist state knows that an impending $6-billion bonanza will shortly arrive in its coffers, then it will more readily in the here and now send arms to Hamas—on the logical assumption that those costs soon will be more than covered, while making the additional assumption that the United States is complicit in its own fungible use of sanctions relief cash, and thus not innately hostile to Tehran’s self-professed agenda.  In short, Tony Blinken is either a naif, a fool, or to use his words “misinforming”.

These administration’s megaphones who deny such fungibility always end up mouthing the same arguments as the lying and murderous theocracy in Tehran.

But then why not—given the Biden-appointed Robert Malley, previously known as Obama’s ISIS advisor (and we remember how that worked out in Iraq), and a self-declared expert on Hamas rapprochement, eagerly accepted the offer to restart the disastrous Iran deal and normalize Iranian-American relations?

And Malley was indeed eagerly at work—until he was stripped of his security clearance for his alleged unlawful dissemination of classified documents, and in addition fell under further scrutiny allegedly for treasonous efforts to insert pro-Iranian activists into the State Department.

What also was behind the initial, natural instincts of the State Department’s  “U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs”? On news of the attacks, our State department in Pavlovian fashion immediately posted: “We urged all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

Yes, as lots of us predicted, that insane virtue signal would eventually be taken down—but only in response to Americans outraged at its amoral inanity.

Was our government’s first inclination to stop Israel’s counter-responses to systematic Hamas murdering? Should Israelis accept another 800, 1,000, or 2,000 dead women and children in the interest of abiding by the instruction of the American “Office of Palestinian Affairs” to avoid “retaliatory attacks”?

For that matter, does the Biden administration admonish Ukraine to refrain from “retaliatory attacks”—since, in its logic, responding to Putin’s “terror” with Ukrainian counter “violence” would “solve nothing”?

Or is it just Israel, a democratic ally, that deserves these sermons?

Or do they not reflect the embarrassing reality that there is a core Democratic base—the toxic Squad, AOC’s Democratic Socialists, the fusion media, and some of the identity politics caucuses—who are Hamas apologists, even if that bankrupt ideology descends into ignoring or condoning the abject slaughter of civilians in their homes?

And are we really to believe, as told, that resumption of hundreds of millions dollars in aid to the Palestinians was also not fungible and used to aid the current murderous agendas of Hamas?

But do not just believe supporters of Israel about that reality.

Instead, read what dissidents in the State Department themselves warned at the time of the dangers of Biden’s resumption of aid to the radical Palestinians: “We assess there is a high risk Hamas could potentially derive indirect, unintentional benefit from U.S. assistance to Gaza. There is less but still some risk U.S. assistance would benefit other designated groups.”

The administration is, of course, back peddling furiously, given its prior appeasement of Iran and Hamas, if not an outright tilt against Israel—again policies that reflected the embarrassing core constituency of the Democratic Party.

Americans should not listen to what Biden’s team now conveniently says, but instead to what it actually does in the upcoming weeks when it is under fire by its base in the new woke Democratic Party, as the Israelis have to go into Gaza, end this toxic death machine, and confront the Hamas global propaganda machine.

A hard rain is soon going to fall abroad.

And the United States better get its house in order, whether defined as standing with its few dependable allies left, securing its own oil and gas supplies, protecting its borders, un-woking and rebooting its suspect military, recalibrating its all too often incompetent and politicized intelligence bureaus—and thus preparing for a world turned upside down.

REST OF The Story

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