Introducing a new feature , SPECIAL MOMENTS In Time,, but to introduce it, here’s  one of those  onetime experiences we’d love to share with you … Please let us know your own such  fleeting but memorable experiences @ [email protected]



   The little things in life, the special moments in time,  e.g.

Last evening after biking driving out of Brione’s  park  near Orinda, CA , in what had just become  dark ,  I spotted a raccoon waddling across the empty road  as I was just turning on to it. Raccoon was just at the midway point of the road as I approached. Seeing him hesitate I slowed the car with my   lights shining right on him .   I stopped. He stopped.

 You could almost see the wheels turning in his head. ‘What is this big thing bearing down on me? ‘  ‘Shall I turn around and go back?’No,I’m halfway there already.’ ‘ No, maybe I better go back the way I came. ‘ After about 15 seconds of indecision by the raccoon – as I watched him intently from my stopped vehicle   –  raccoon did finally turn around and begin to waddle   back to the side of the road he came from. It may not seem like much if you weren’t there but I found it was just a special, even  funny moment in time.  I’d grown up learning to disregard racoons and other rodents as ‘dangerous’ or ‘dirty’ , but  this big,slow  fellow, somehow , in one short memorable incident, changed all that , giving me a new appreciation for raccoons.   I have raccoons come by house often looking for cat food we left outside and fearful of them hurting my cat – but they never have,probably more intent in getting somedinner. I saw this raccoon, who could have been easily killed had I drivien on, as   pretty innocent creature(s) and from here on I will  have a better feeling and new respect when I come upon my next raccoon.