kj not a cop problem






Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising to see so much negative reaction to the Ferguson outcome.
First off, there didn’t even have to be a Grand Jury but the prosecuting office went the extra step to
aleve those who thought the ‘victim’ got a raw deal.



Further, we thought the way the prosecutor laid out the course of actions in a twenty minute preamble
rather than the normal practice of just coming out with a decision was a great way of trying to soften the blow.
And, choosing to make the dicision late in the day wouldn’t have made any difference. It seems to be just
another thing for the ‘victim’side to complain about.



Bottom line is that at the rate things are going in society things will never get better, only worse as
they appear to be doing. Two ‘sides’ couldn’t be further apart. ‘Victim’ side simply coming out, repeatedly,
with ‘An armed cop killed an unarmed black man.’ If only it were that simple we wouldn’t need a trial or

darren wilson 2







And it’s almost a miracle that the police officer was exhonerated what with all the pressure
from the mainstream media and even the President and Department of Justice’ Eric Holder, coming out
with repeated, skewed statements. Even after the verdict, Obama spoke about not being violent but then
stating out he could ‘understand’ the black reaction (while on the split screen we saw the most violence
ever in Ferguson as 10 buildings and multiple cars were torched, stores looted and multiple rounds of
gunshots fired. Luckily nobody was hurt.
Obama states how the racial situation in America has gotten so much better during his lifetime,
yet what has he done to improve it. A recent survey showed that both blacks and whites find race
relations worse now than when Obama took office.








People seem to constantly overlook that these so-called victims are actually exascerbating
situations. Had Michael Brown not stolen items from a store and beaten the store owner – and then
even waited for the cops to come so he could confront them, as reported – there would never be
these situations. In the Travon Martin case (which didn’t involve a police but a Hispanic ‘vigilante,’
if you will,it wasn’t so clear cut, but here you had a guy stealing
and then, apparently, being physically confrontational with a policeman- and a 6 ‘ 4 ” 300 pound man
vs a cop about half his size.
Even IF the police officer in question WAS guilty of being overly-aggressive, the whole incident
would have never happened had Brown not stolen and then beaten the store owner, which brought about
his calling the police. Minor details but why don’t we hear Obama and others harken back to the
old family values he spoke about when he first came into office?



We’re not talking about Southern lynchings anymore but cops having to defend themselves against violent
criminals, of whom they have no idea whether they’re hiding a gun or not. It’s split second reactions
that count. Apparently and hopefully the Grand Jury testimony is accurate and the office used measured
restraint before feeling he had to shoot the victim. What if he hadn’t and the victim was able to
grab the officer’s gun – as nearly happened, per reports? Give the cops just a little more credit
and encourage family values, as possible to the ‘victims’ side just a little more we say.



The entitlement culture is taught to take full advantage of the gifts given out today and to blame
others for any problems that occur. Minorities continue to be mired in poverty as they have for decades,
despite legislation and government aid to improve their lot. Welfare and handouts were never intended
to be a career choice but that’s where we’re at now 50 years since President Johnson signed
the first public assistance bills in 1964. Yet, the plight of the black man has NOT improved.
Perhaps it’s gotten worse. President Clinton was able to cut back welfare and increase job training
but it seems much of that has gone by the wasteside as Obama has added to the ‘free lunch,’ increasing
welfare and food stamp rolls, while encouraging folks that the ‘government will take care of you.’



It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy where Obama and his ilk is actually keeping down the poor and minorities
rather than really helping them. He may have them believing that he’s helping but he’s not.
It’s way past time to teach jobs and ‘no excuse’ mentality.


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nurse was admitted with Ebola, President Obama was out for another

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OBAMA 9/11 SPEECH – OBAMA DECLARES WAR IN IRAQ (without calling it war)

OBAMA 9/11 SPEECH – OBAMA DECLARES WAR IN IRAQ (without calling it war)

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IRAQ (without calling it war)


WAR in Iraq
Obama also said there would be ‘no boots on the ground,’ though it’s hard to call the 475 new troops being sent over for administrative purposes and to train Iragi forces NOT books on the ground. All told, with the new additions there should be roughly or exactly 1100 American
helping out the war effort in Iraq.


Without giving a number, The President said there would be a ‘broad coalition’ working with the US in Iraq. Upon further checking we learned of only nine countries agreeing to work with the U.S.
in the new depolyment. President Bush II entered Irag during his presidency with a full 37 countries on the U.S. coalition.


With any significant help from abroad, that leaves the weak Iraq army helping us, or us helping them.  Look what happened last time we were in Iraq and , then, with a stronger Iraq army.  Doesn’t look good…


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It’s How You Say It’
Sometimes it’s as much or more important the way one phrases something than than the actual actions. Obama , in his speech, was sure to tell republican congress members
words , in effect, with regard to bomping the Isis:
‘I can do it myself but it would be good to get the support of Congress. Why not just tell his cronies that he would appreciat their support, rather than couch it with the opening back-handed compliment that he could ‘do it himself’?


‘Core Principles’ – A rather strange mention by Obama was one of his ‘core principles’ having to do with countries or groups that attacked the United States would be attacked back, perhaps a core principle Obama just made up for the day…
Look for a new book…
New book from author living in Israel





Reuters, Yahoo News Show Fake Pictures of Obama at Border

Reuters, Yahoo News Show Fake Pictures of Obama at Border

News Agencies Lying for Obama – Yahoo and Reuters show fake pictures of Obama at border after Obama refused to go there to see the devastation from thousands of immigrants

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Costco Gets BLASTED on Facebook for Yanking ‘America’ from Shelves


Costco has a real public relations nightmare on its hands, and it’s spreading like wildfire throughout social media. WND’s Jerome Corsi has confirmed that the popular discount warehouse giant “has …





Reuters, Yahoo News Show Fake Pictures of Obama at Border

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Famous  Comedian’s  Advice To Obama

Famous Comedian’s Advice To Obama




Comedian’s Advice to Obama on

Prisoner Exchange

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obama on phonePresident Obama: Hello



bob newhart on phoneBob Newhart: Hello Mr. President, you probably don’t know me but I’m BOB NEWHART . I used to be a famous comedian probably before you were even born and I thought I’d give you a call. I knew all the past six or seven presidents and occasionally gave them some words of advice , you know, in a lighthearted way, of course.  I saw you on Letterman, recently, and thought I could do one better.


Obama: Well, okay Mr. Newhouse.  I’ve got a pretty busy schedule today and  I don’t normally just talk to strangers on the phone but they say you’re friends with Dick Gregory and Cosby so I figured you’d be safe.  I’ve got a few minutes before I go out fundraising. So, tell me what you got .


Newhart:  OK. Well, I don’t normally get involved in politics  and  I like to keep it kind of light  but I see you’ve been involved  in some scandals  lately and could use some help  . I remember back when President Johnson had some  trouble over in Vietnam War. I think my advice may not have ended the war but it got him to make a big, personal decision, that probably helped the country.  Same thing with Nixon and Watergate.  He took my advice and bowed  … well, you may remember that one. For these guys , a single scandal knocked them out. You’re lucky you’re still in office after five or more of these scandals …


Obama: Excuse me , Newhouse , but there aren’t any phony scandals . That’s   the media concocting some stories over at Fox   .   They’re pretty good at that. Period. So, I don’t want to waste your time.


Newhart: No, I didn’t say PHONY SCANDALS.  That’s your word. I just said SCANDALS.  What’s all this I’ve been hearing about  veterans not being given the medical care they need and that Affordable Care Act turned out not to be so affordable for some?   …  and I’m trying to keep things light –  I’m a comedian – and what about t the IRS deal, the AP phone tapping and   Benghazi?  They tell me you were sleeping on the job when  four of our Embassy guys got killed.


Obama:  I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.  I thought you were on our side.


Newhart: I am. I’m on America’s side. Just trying to get you to lighten up and see the American people’s side.   I’m kind of like Leno and try to see the whole picture.But Leno is  gone now and I think, perhaps , there are too many others giving you bad advice. I’ve been around awhile. I’m telling you, Mr President,  what the American people really want to hear. Yeah, some of the younger ones  may have gotten spoiled ,initially, on your food stamps , free phones and other entitlements but, in the long run…


Obama: Now, wait a minute here…I’ve really got to go…


Newhart: You know those 47 percenters  Romney talked about are starting to wake up and realize your entitlements are really holding them back in the long run.  As a nice guy who’s been around awhile,  I just want to help you out … I’ve got a way to do it. You’ve got to lighten up Prez, just like this old comedy routine I did.  Look at the big picture.  Americans aren’t quite as stupid as you may  think. Nor are the Republicans. People are people. You’re the President and you’re supposed to LEAD them, not DEFEAT them.   Don’t have such thick skin. As President, you’re always going to be a target. You think that Bob Hope or Jack Benny  only skewered Republicans? You’ve been fortunate until now supported by a lot of Lettermans.   You did say you want EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL, right? President Obama,  I didn’t call you up to upset you… but , coming from a  comedian – at least that’s what they called me – I thought  it might be easier for you to take suggestions.


Obama:  Now listen here ,Newhouse   guy . I thought you  were going to give me some friendly advice that I would agree with. I ‘m not going to listen to Gregory or Cosby again.   Now I’ve go t to go do some fundraising now. I really got to go.


Newhouse:  it’s Newhart.


Obama:  Yeah, well maybe I could probably use a new heart, advice…. It’s been a little bit rough   lately. Even my own press and my government have started to turn on me. Yeah,  I guess I do  have something  to  run by you as a you’re a man of experience. Heck, my own people aren’t doing much so let’s see what you can do. Here’s  my latest ideas…   There’s one American prisoner over there in Afghanistan we’re thinking of bringing back home  We’d h ave a little White house Rose garden press conference    with his parents . Folks would forget about the veterans thing (which I really wasn’t involved in, anyway…that went back to Bush,  you know. )  


Newhart:.   Sounds like a good idea . Obama:  Yeah, you know, like in ‘No prisoners left behind.’ Newheart: How long has he been over there. Obama: Five years. Newhart: Who’s the prisoner and how are you getting him back?   Obama: His name’s Bergdahl and we just have to give up a few prisoners to get him.  They’re finally loosening up and this could be another biggie for us. Maybe almost as big as the Bin Laden capture. Newhart: Why don’t you just go one for one?  Obama: No, we got to give up five. Afterall , Israel gave up 1,000 prisoners  just to get one back. Newhart:  Where are the prisoners now and where will they be released?




'TRADING PRIVATE BERGDAHL Movie Poster from Zazzle_com' - www_zazzle_com_trading_private_bergdahl_movie_poster-235266590660992240




Newhart: Isn’t that the high security prison  for hardened criminals down in Cuba?  


Obama: Well, yeah, but… we need to start clearing that place out, anyway.


Newhart: Wait a minute. You’re telling me you’re thinking about giving up a couple hardened criminals who could go right back out and kill , possibly killing more Americans in Afghanistan or elsewhere. These people wouldn’t happen to be terrorists that you’re trading for by any chance would they?


Obama: Noo, no they’re just some Taliban guys that have been there a long time and haven’t caused much trouble lately. Plus, like I said, I want to start clearing  out that prison


Newhart:  Taliban . Did you say Taliban? Though I don’t know a lot about politics and foreign affairs  I do know that the Taliban were involved in the 9/11 massacre of 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Tower. That’s a lot more than those thousand guys Israeli gave up who didn’t necessarily kill.  Can’t get much more hardened that that. And , how do you know they won’t kill again? Here you’re trying to end the Afghanistan war and…


Obama:  It shouldn’t be a problem.  It’s actually five prisoners, among the top Taliban leaders , too.  


Newhart: FIVE HARDENED TALIBAN PRISONERS! You’re going to  be   right back to square one while  you’re trying to get out of Afghanistan… And you’ll end up having to stay over there and put in more soldiers.  Tell me about the young man you’re taking back. I hope everything’s right with him and not some deserter or something.


Obama:  Oh, he had a few problems but he’s the only American soldier I could find to bring back to make a nice presentation. We’ve got the press conference all set up with the parents for the Rose Garden.  


Newhart:  Again, did I hear you say   that you’re trading five terrorists for one American DESERTER?  . I don’t think that sounds like a very good trade at all. You think the Americans will go for that?


Obama:  Nobody will know his background – what  difference does it make? -plus the media will cover , as usual. So  the father has a long beard and speaks the Afghanistan tongue.  Plus, the wife’s kind of cute.


Newhart:  Just don’t take another selfie, please. So, what did Congress have to say about all of this?


Obama: Executive Order. They won’t know until after…


Newhart:  Mr.President, you’ve skated pretty free until now, but do you really think you’re going to get away with this one?  I don’t even think the Peanut Farmer ever did anything this extreme.


Obama: We’ll  see.  Just in case we do we come under any scrutiny we can  always blame it on Hagel for signing off on the trade.  Anyway,  the economy’s on the rise for the 60th  straight month , the stock market’s doing great,  I’m doing great and I don’t think we have to worry , but thanks.  When folks see me in the Rose Garden with the Parents we will get some nice points for saving this young man who has fought for his country.  This should get the veterans medical issue off the front page and give us another warm glow.  I can’t see it not working.  Remember, ‘No Prisoners Left Behind.’ We’ll push that. Period.


Newhart: Hmm, Five Taliban Terrorists for One American Deserter. What can I say? This one may be worse than all the other scandals put together,Mr. President.  Cosby did say you could be pretty stubborn. I can see why you’re not getting anything passed in Congress and have to resort to Executive Privilege.  So, much for my free advice. Good luck Mr.President. I thought I could help you as I’ve helped steer  past Presidents but it doesn’t look like it. We shall see what happens


Obama: You really thought you could CHANGE   me , didn’t you I’ve given you enough of my valuable time. Later, Newhouse. Period.


Newhouse: Later, ‘Hope N Change’.


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10 Reasons why Bergdahl – Gitmo Prisoner Swap Big Obama Blunder

10 Reasons why Bergdahl – Gitmo Prisoner Swap Big Obama Blunder



10 Reasons why the  Bergdahl – Gitmo Prisoner Swap

for 5 Hardcore Criminals in Afghan Was Wrong


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10)  IT WAS ILLEGAL not to tell Congress at least 30 days in advance.  Even press secretary Jay Carney said  less than a year ago ‘[W]e would not make any decisions about transfer of any detainees without consulting with Congress and without doing so in accordance with U.S. law.’   Beau Bergdahl




8) So the Israels  exchanged 1000 Arab prisoners for 1 Israeli   –  that was wrong but TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE IT RIGHT.


7) BERGDAHL WAS LIKELY A TURNCOAT, according to many who were in his patrol in Afghanistan;  he was said to have   desserted his camp only to get captured.



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5) THE U.S. IS  LESS SAFE NOW because of the action.  At least some of those hardened Gitmo prisoners will likely go back to what they do best and become active Taliban terrorists.


4) Obama’s motives for the exchange may have been less than  patriotic and more self-serving in his DESIRE TO CLOSE GITMO.  This may have been a key step along the way.


3) Bergdahl has expressed Anti-American sentiment,as has his father. THERE ARE PROBABLY AMERICANS IN OTHER COUNTRIES WHO DESERVE MORE TO BE RELEASED


2) EVEN LEFT-LEANING MSNBC VIEWERS AGREE OVERWHELMINGLY THAT IT’S A BAD DEAL: It’s not scientific, of course, but a reader poll at the bottom of an piece headlined “Is Bowe Bergdahl the GOP’s new Benghazi?” seems to indicate that not even fans of the Lean Forward network are falling for the network’s absurd pro-Obama spin on the prisoner swap. By a nearly 2-to-1 margin (65 percent), readers answered “no” to the poll question, “Do you support Obama’s decision to release 5 Taliban prisoners in exchange for Bergdahl?” You can see the screen capture taken at 9:09 p.m. Eastern below the page break








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