Top 10 Small Business Ideas –  Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Top 10 Small Business Ideas – Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Top 10 Small Business Ideas –

Small Business Advertising Ideas-

Low Cost Marketing Ideas


FREE Top-Rated NEW MARKETING !  The Complete  10-in-1 Package  – Pay for 1, GET 9 FREE

___ 1) DIRECT  MAIL  ADVERTISING (Coupon Country) –   10,000 mailer- a 448.. Value)) – The 2nd most popular ad medium targets your specific  geographical/demographical markets with low-cost, targeted mailer (Coupon Country). Includes everything (design, printing and postage) for less than 2c per home. BONUS: All other media platforms INCLUDED FREE – see below – a $1,000 plus value when you do one or more mailings, OR, ONLY $97/MONTH WITHOUT THE MAILINGS (A $1,000+ VALUE): 

FREE-The following 9 Top Marketing Media with purchase of Direct Mail (above0:

___2) FREE OPTIMIZED WEBPAGE  (SEO )   INTERNET ADVERTISING  (Value: $99/mo.) – Combines the #1marketing platform today   with ever-popular coupons (think GROUPON – only without the fees) Included FREE with DIRECT MAIL (above.   Most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultants charge $1,000  .  ( or

___3) FREE  TEXT MARKETING     (value $99./mo.)  –  The new, powerful  and growing  ad medium boasts a 97% readership, destined to  become the new email advertising, only more successful  (email has only 1-10% readership)  very soon.  Note the growing number of 5 or 6-digit ‘short codes’ and QR bar codes on print ads and signs.  People are in contact with their cell phones virtually 24/7 giving text marketing the most captive audience of all media

___ 4) FREE EMAIL Blasts    ($99. VALUE/ mo.) – Opt-in email is stil one of the most popular ad media.  No, it’s not spam email. We’ve built (and still building) a list of thousands of receptive coupon users. We blast your coupon/message 2-4x per month  – how can you go wrong for FREE, let alone $99  to reach permission-based email prospects?

___ 5) FREE MOBILE Marketing – Along with Text Marketing, it’s  the new big thing.  By next year it is expected that more people will be shopping from their  cell phones than from their PCs.  And mobile buyers spend 3x as much as do PC users, according to recent Neilson study.  Our websites and your Web Pages are OPTIMIZED for cell phone use.

___ 6) FREE Mobile Apps  Coupon Country /  has  a new apps  . Cell  phone users upload our mobile-friendly apps to access your web pages for instant,  frequent shopping from their phones . We can also design an individual app for a nominal charge.
___ 7) FREE FACEBOOK / Social Media – Some call Facebook and Twitter the ‘new email’. It any case, it’s a  market not  to be missed for business. We’ve got popular pages and app for this, too where we can include you, or set you up with  your own facebook  or twitter page



New Marketing Simplified – Best SEO features Keyword Krusher– perhaps the most inportant element in SEO – search engine optimization. Get Your Keywords Ranked High – Best Google Keywords,ETC

It used to be that a   business would  simply run an ad in the ‘Yellow Pages’  Phone Book  and that was enough marketing. That was then.

                                  ___ 9)

It’s not too late to get ranked high with Google Maps – but you don’t have to go through Google and wait and wait and then probably not get ranked on first page due to the increased competition, plus we’ll throw in 5 Star Reviews and Google Plus for Extra High Ranking tricks

____ 10)

Get the world’s best website, optimized with our 10-in-1 package for only $97


Top 10 Small Business Ideas –

Small Business Advertising Ideas-

Low Cost Marketing Ideas


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Top 10 Small Business Ideas –

Small Business Advertising Ideas-

Low Cost Marketing Ideas

COUPON COUNTRY – Best Direct Mail, Best Internet Advertising –    $97 per Month,Campaign – Top 10-in-1 Advertising Package – Internet,Direct Mail

COUPON COUNTRY – Best Direct Mail, Best Internet Advertising – $97 per Month,Campaign – Top 10-in-1 Advertising Package – Internet,Direct Mail

COUPON COUNTRY Top 2-in-1 Marketing – Celebrating 30 Years of Success Blog


Online Advertising Most Favored – Direct Mail a Close SecondLAFAYETTE, California March 10,2010 & Coupon connect consumers searching for value online with latest local service and retail business deals, discounts, bargains and savings information. (Nomensa)

CORE NEWS FACTS- BUSINESS and CONSUMERS: KEY ONLINE / SITE STATISTICS: A recent survey by Nomensa found that 36 percent of people plan to spend more money online this year and 89 percent believe that consumers can find better prices online .Despite plans to increase spending in some areas, the research also reveals that small-business owners are increasingly questioning whether mass media advertising (newpapers, yellow pages, TV , radio, etc.) effectively reaches their desired audience.Coupon Country Direct Mail and its online sister, has studied the new SEO online marketing strategies,offering low-overhead, personalized ‘ahead of the curve’ know-how and offer a FREE DEMO to show you how they can put your business on

1ST PAGE of SEARCHES within days or hours! Direct Mail 1-888-4-A-COUPON (925)284-7168
YellowPagesCoupons Internet Advertising1-888-4-A-COUPON (925)284-7168

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Custom T-Shirts  , Clothing and Gear for Teams, Events, Fundraisers – Cafe Press

Custom T-Shirts , Clothing and Gear for Teams, Events, Fundraisers – Cafe Press

Design your own Custom Tshirts

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Zazzle is a fun and hip personal custom t–shirt design service. Their online designer includes many of the features required to incorporate and modify your designs. However, since you can only order digitally printed material this site is not suggested if you are buying shirts in bulk for teams or organizations.

Zazzle keeps it simple by only manufacturing a digital print onto apparel and accessories. This allows you to order one shirt instead the traditional bulk order. However, if you are ordering for a team or organization it could be a little more expensive than traditional screen printing. Zazzle does not offer embroidery options.

Zazzle offers some good design options. You can import your own images or simply order a previously designed decal. Your own images can be manipulated in size, placement and rotation. Additionally, text can be adjusted by size, font, color and alignment, but not curvature, spacing or rotation. Zazzle includes all basic functions that should be included with an online t–shirt design program; however, they don’t include anything particularly fancy.

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Internet Advertising,Pay Per Click Online Marketing, Web Marketing at AdzZoo

Internet Advertising,Pay Per Click Online Marketing, Web Marketing at AdzZoo

DOES ADVERTISING STILL WORK?  The Internet Changed Everything!
Connection! If you had to describe in one word how the Internet changed everything, it would be connection. Businesses and personal relationships have changed due to the Internet’s ability to instantly connect people
globally through e-mail, websites and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. The immeasurable connection that the Internet created has changed the way the world communicates, gathers and sends
information,and markets its products and services.
However, this global connection has created a problem for the local business in their local markets.

1. Traditional print advertising is becoming less effective.
2. Most consumers have traded in their Yellow Pages for a more comprehensive online search.
3. Newspaper readership is down with many papers declaring bankruptcy.
4. Search results bring information overload and local businesses get lost.
5. Search results are dominated by large companies.
Did you know?

97% of people with online access will research products and services online before they purchase.
80% of people that search never click beyond the first page.
55% of all local searches are done with an intent to buy and Coupon usage is up another 8%

Why AdzZoo? Traditional advertising, in today’s highly competitive market has proven ineffective. A Web Presence is beComing ever more important. Getting to the top of Google and Yahoo searches is becoming ever important  but more difficult. and more expensive. Except at AdzZoo. Find out why by watching a short video at or call  (925)788-3316

What is a Web Presence?
We all know the old saying, “What are the 3 most
important factors in buying real estate?” “Location,
Location, Location!” Think of the Internet as the real
estate of the 21st century. The location of your online
information matters.
With over 1 trillion websites in the world and
growing, it’s not enough just to have your business
somewhere online. To be competitive, one must have
their information where online traffic exists. Where
does traffic exist? Traffic is where people go to get
their news, entertainment, sports scores, recipes, shop,
connect with friends, family, businesses on thousands of
popular websites. People look for information, products
and services globally, nationally, regionally, and locally on
the premium pages of search engines. As a matter of
fact, over 80% of people never click beyond the first
page. Traffic is on smart phones and GPS devices. A
website gets your business online but not where your
customer can easily find it. AdzZoo gets our clients a
web presence with their local online traffic.
By utilizing the process known as geo-targeting, the
physical location of a web searcher is determined, and
then specific content is delivered to them based on the
nature of their inquiry. Simply put, geo-targeting enables
local businesses to be matched with local searches.
How does it work?
1. Optimized Web Page: Designed for searches and
online exposure.
2. Geo-Targeted Search Engine Results: Enables
local businesses to be matched with local searches.
3. Google’s Local Business Center: Put your
business on the map!
4. Local Online Branding: Your geo-targeted
ad on high traffic websites like CNN, Food Network,
AOL, and thousands of others.
5. Monitor Campaign For Optimization: Monitor
and fine tune campaign for optimum online
For more information visit
AdzZoo Features:
Days To
Web Page Design and Creation 3 days
Web Page Launch 3 days
Link To Existing Business Website 2 days
Web Page Optimization and Monitoring Daily
Professional Copywriting Content 2 days
Keyword Analysis & Selection 14 days
Directory Submission 30 days
Google Maps Submission and Optimization 30 – 40 days
Yahoo & Bing Local Listings Submission 30 days
Search Network 7 Days
Content/Branding Network 7 Days
Organic Listing Enhancement 3 days
GPS Submission 30 days
First Page Placement on Google 30 days
Online Customer Support 9am to 4pm EST
Monday – Friday