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Alex Rodriguez never did get the trial he probably
deserved. So, his case went before TV’s 60 Minutes
Sunday night,  January 12.

Rodriguez has sued the Commissioner of baseball
calling his suspension of 211 games (later
reduced a still whopping 162) ‘a witch hunt.’

When Selig is questioned by 60 Minutes whether Rodriguez

is being ‘singled out’ Selig simply replies
that Rodriguez’actions were ‘beyond comprehension,’
without giving specifics.
Well, there certainly was no trial and
not a whole lot of justice as we could see it.

Now, mind you, we’re not defending Rodriguez purported

use of PEDs, by any means; in fact, we’re vehemently against
their use , which we feel has been the ruination of baseball today.

It is our belief that Commissioner Selig,
who appears to be  a very nice man, personally, never
was able to control performance enhancing
drugs in baseball. The problem has gone on
probably as long as Selig has been commissioner -almost 
two decades-
and doesn’t seem to have improved, though
he tells us that  he is now proud to have 
‘the strictest drug policy in all major sports.’

As far as singling people out, others, such
as Barry Bonds, have tried to obstruct justice.
In fact Bonds was even convicted in his court
case NOT for using steroids but for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE.
Others like Rafael Palmeiro lied under oath
during the Mitchell Hearings.
As for Rodriguez, guilty or not guilty as he
may be of steroid use there were no court hearings
of which we know.  If the man wants to appeal
that group (Biogenesis) conviction, he should be
allowed a fair trial.

With the commissioner’s reign coming to an end
he no doubt wanted to finally put an end to
what has ruined baseball in the eyes of many,
including our own. He thought he could pick
on one man, Rodriguez, and scare off everyone else.
By so doing, Rodriguez has had to ratchet
up his case and say some of things that probably
should have been saved for the court room. What’s 
had to come out in the media, instead, has probably
infuriated Selig, but it’s his own fault for the willy nilly
way he has handled PEDs in baseball.

Sure, there’s a good chance that Rodriquez
used steroids but just because he’s the ‘golden boy’
big name  of the 20 or so Florida lab cases, he shouldn’t\
have been singled out with a stiffer penalty
(players normally get 50 games for one PED
infraction and 100 for two). 

Rodriguez, to our knowledge, has not been
personally convicted of PED usage. He was 
just one of many whose name was turned over by the Biogenesis
lab in Florida, after its owner , Tony Bosch,
was ratted on by a disgruntled employee. 
As Bosch feared for his life he came forward
to major league baseball.  There was no
court case for Bosch, either. He could be
lying for all we know. 

Selig has approached the whole matter in
a very unscientific manner. As the lawyer we 
believe him to be, he should know better,
innocence until proven guilty

And, as far as Selig being proud to have
the ‘best drug testing’ in baseball, there
wasn’t a single PED conviction at the major league
lever this past season, to our knowledge. 
Don’t tell us , Mr Selig , that the problem
is cleaned up, that nobody is still using.
Your most recently updated drug policy 
barely called for a single testing during
the regular season (2013) after testing
was only given during the preseason during
prior years – this after a decade and dozens
of PED convictions, including the Mitchell
report findings (At least the government
did a formal hearing, from which little
was done by MLB, thereafter, to change 
things , to our knowledge. What would stop
players from continuing to use PEDs –
especially the new designer, now undetectable
ones –  when they knew they were
unlikely to be tested more than once 
during the season-and normally with warning
(the latest testosterone drug can be out of
one’s system and undetectable within hours)?

A-Rod’s big problem now is that he has both the Commissioner’s office as well as his own player’s union against him.  The new head of the player’s union has been more cooperative with the commissioner than the previous one, so it may be quite an uphill battle for Rodriguez, but kudos for him for at least speaking out and pointing to the unfair treatment by Commissioner, guity or not of using PEDs.

The main reason we make an issue of
the Rodriguez-Selig case is that it brings
to a head what’s been going on for years,
mishandling of drugs in baseball to the
ruination of the game. Sure, some newer
fans, especially, have only grown up to
see baseball played one way, on steroids.
But many of us vintage fans remember when
the Golden Era of baseball when games were
played on a level playing field.  Living 
in the Bay Area and having to see an otherwise mediocre San 
Francisco Giants team, sans PEDS,
 steal two World Series in three years
on their own to put the Giants over the top has been difficult.
(At least we had a team across the Bay, in Oakland, with only
one KNOWN user.)
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Why All the Giants’ Comebacks? Are They Really That Good?

So, the Giants did it again yesterday – an unlikely inside the park homer by Pagan in the bottom of the tenth. We’ve sort of gone into this before in a recent blog but here’s a little more detail why the Giants are able
to come back so much – and hit so well for a team with previously weak-hitting players.


First off, you’ll note, the Giants only struck out three times during the game, and walked six times. The Rockies, in contrast , struck out six times and walked only once. This is key and it’s been a pattern this year and in recent years. Note also that the Giants were , last we checked, in the Top Three for teams with fewest stikeouts.. They’ve also improved their walks. Sandoval, who used to lead the team in strikeouts, has ‘magically’ cut his strikeouts in half, as has Scutaro, since coming to the Giants from Colorado last year. (Even more ‘magically’ they’ve both improved their averages, significantly and even more amazing is that Sandoval has improved his homeruns. Similar patterns have taken place with other players on the team. One could accept Sandoval’s achievement a littlel more if it weren’t for the sudden display in homers going back to last month of last season when he hit seven and this year when he already has eight. So, it’s not just a question of cutting down on the swing, going for average.


Something else is giving these Giants a boost. Scutaro never hit over .300 in his career, and , now at age 38, he’s been hitting well over .300 since coming to the Giants last year.It’s simple. When that ‘something else’ improves one’s vision and hand-eye coordination, as well as bat speed and power, he’s going to not strike out as much and get more hits, in our view. And, in the bottom of the ninth – or tenth- when the pressure’s on and a player is working extra hard and concentrating. he’s going to work the pitcher. Normally you’d see some strikeouts against a good reliever like Bettencourt, but many of the Giants, with their magic powers, just don’t strike out anymore- or very rarely now. The improved eyesight will also help draw walks, as Crawford did to lead off the tenth. Then Pagan will work the pitcherto get in a hitters count, if necessary, after the pitcher is already concerned with a runner on base.And Pagan hits a long ball – he’s hit more homers on the Giants in the bigger park – than in past years – to win the game.


The pattern has happened time and again and people just assume the Giants are great. It’s that ‘something else’ we’ve talked about that the Giants have been using, off and on, since Bonds and Balco over a decade ago, in our opinion. And, amazingly, they’re still getting away with it. Of the current Giant crop of players who played for other teams before the Giants, they had a combined average of around .250 before coming to the Giants. The Giants now , inexplicably, lead the league in hitting, at .271 as of 5/24, in what’s considered a pitcher’s ballpark.


It is our believe that Giants management continues to load up on the type of players who will play into this ‘system,’ if you know what me mean. (Eg a journeyman catcher, Quinonez (sp) ,of Venezuela (like Sandoval, Scutaro, the late Melky Cabrera, Blano, etc ) who had only one homer in his career, was another one of those late inning heroes with an unlikely homerun after being called up). It’s pretty incredible that a virtually different lineup won the 2012 series as compared to 2010. Who thought the Giants could do it without Brian Wilson, Ross, Huff of 2010, etc. Only the names change, the results are the same. And don’t be surprised to see the Giants win another series if they make it to the playoffs. If they weren’t paying their st struggling, starting pitchers so much you ‘d likely see some changes for the similar type of ‘system’ pitchers like Mijares, Jean Meache(sp) , but don’t be surprised to see Lincecum and co. magically transform themselves.
(The new designer ‘something else’ is largely undetectable today with current ‘testing,’ which is done as little as once during a season, according to the new testing rules).


PS We’ve been getting great interest from these pages and the big site that was recently taken down, inexplicably. We have our feelings who was behind it- and it wasn’t MLB. Our previous website was recently taken down as ‘spam’ if you can believe that, and this one may too… Looks like we may be victims of that whole government-related conspiracy against the media, sadly, performing a ‘watchdog’ service that people appreciate (we’ve had more readership than on all our other non-sports website.



Walk off a hero

They call them the GIANTS…  for good reason when Bonds was around. Now, the new designer drugs don’t necessarily increase one’s bulk anymore, but it’s the same ol same ol  in San Francisco…. Just the secret sauce and names  have  changed..


Some people call them the Amazing Giants… but as we keep telling you (http://WhereDidYouGoJoeDimaggio1.blogspot.com -DELETED , MYSTERIOUSLY) , there’s a lot more behind what meets the eye... Everyday we see more evidence of just what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes that let the Giants keep winining…just as it with Barry Bonds for eight years until a couple reporters were finally brave enough to break the story of Bonds ‘flaxseed oil’  of which only a minority of Giants fans accepted – and Bonds and the Giants  weren’t  so REAL outside of San Francisco. .  The Giants wouldn’t be getting away with what’s happening in any other city than liberal San Francisco.  Not to get too political here but The Giants are the Obamas of baseball. In this new era they can seemingly do no wrong .

And  it doesn’t stop with the players . Even Giants management will do whatever it takes to win and sell fans, e.g. s  turning up the PA to cause more excitement , falsely claiming every game a sellout for two years, getting rid of people who know too much (trainer Stan Conte, minority owner Bill Neucomb), bringing in known PED users (and sometimes repeat offenders)… Now   the Giants are actually winning world series and seeming to win at will with players who weren’t hitting much  until they came to the Giants, ie Scutaro, Blanco, Pagan, etc.  And the others are ‘magically’ raising their averages inexplicably to some… It’s rather obvious when you look at all the numbers as we have in previous blogs (http://WhereDidYouGoJoeDimaggio1.blogspot.com

Just a few teasers:

The Giants , at last check , had the third  lowest strikeout team total  in the majors, with Pablo Sandoval having less than 20 stirkeouts – only Scutaro has fewer among the regulars. A free swinger like Sandoval doesn’t just suddenly stop striking out , while increasing his power (15 home runs in two months, since  last September, after hitting only seven the entire first 5 months of last year). Of course , lack of strikeouts are often indicative of other things, especially when combined with power. A guy who hits for homeruns with low strikeouts comes into question, ala McGwire and Bonds… and now Sandoval, and he’s had some monsters since last September — and in the difficult San Francisco park

–  Tim Lincecum seems to be suddenly back on track. After going downhill the past year and a half, seems like he’s magically back on track. His pitching velocity has  magically improved  of late and  today he shut out the team with the best record in baseball, Lincecum shut out the Braves

Lincecum velocity up almost 2 mph, 90-92 mph this year as compared to last year

–  More to Giants management, if a fan does something to help the Giants, such as the fan who interferred with Atlanta‘s Upton making a catch, to help the Giants in the Atlanta game today (Sunday). With managerment and fan support and even that of Giants’ homer announcers Kuiper and Kruko, interfering   fan , known as ‘the Dog’ for other things he has done, is a hero in San Francisco, not even kicked out of the game. Meanwhile, instead of calling the Giant player out for interference from the fan when it might have been a homer, the umpires ‘compromised ‘ and gave him a double.

The Giants keep doing it with more than mirrors –   after all this time and we’ll go into even more details very soon.  We’ll tell you how a player can take the new designer PEDs one day and have it out of his system within hours.  That’s why a guy  like Scutaro can be down for a few weeks and then suddenly start hitting – even homers as he did today – not bad for the little 38 year old second baseman from Venezuela. It’s almost like they talk to each other and have a plan where some guys will have a few good days while others have bad ones, only to switch it up later so as to make

things not quite so noticeable as Scutaro’s .370 average the last half of last year. WE WILL BRING OUT A LIST OF DOZENS OF PLAYERS WHO WERE EITHER INDICTED

OR TARGETED (by the Miami Dade recent investigation) AND OUR OWN ‘SCIENTIFIC’ RESEARCH OF PLAYERS PROBABLY USING TODAY – who can easily get away with it

with still lax drug testing in baseball (one can even call it a joke) . The Giants  have had as many PED  players as perhaps all the other teams in baseball, combined and we’ll go into this…

Why do you think all those late inning heroics with players named Guillermo who had only one 

previous homer in his major league career.  And , after losing star players like Melky Cabrera and Brian Wilson, the Giants keep on winning.  Magically,  previous ‘no name’ players like

 Goudin, Mijares and Blanco suddenly became stars with the Giants.  Half the entire 2010 team

that won a world series is gone, yet the Giants are still winning…. We”ll keep bringing up the

evidence  and exposing the scandal, in our opinion,  for those of us baseball traditionalists and

honest folks who care about the grand old game and would like to see it played in such a manner

you don’t have to always guess which Giants are using PEDs which days… 



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AN OPEN LETTER TO COLORADO ROCKIES and most any team playing Giants

AN OPEN LETTER TO COLORADO ROCKIES and most any team playing Giants

walk off a hero sign with melkyGoogle /blogger has taken down our watchdog site , exploring drugs in baseball @ http://wheredidyougojoedimaggio1.blogspot.com Hopefully they won’t take down this one , which is critical of Obama administration…


AN OPEN LETTER To The DENVER ROCKIES AND MOST ANY OTHER TEAM WHO PLAYS THE GIANTS @ http://wheredidyougojoedimaggio.blogspot.com/ (as long as they don’t take down THIS site with many fewer blogs than the other… Maybe i beetter start going back to putting them on http://RoadToSuccess.us as I don’t think Google can take down a WordPress site…


I feel sorry for the Rockies when they play the San Francisco Giants. Notice how Scutaro, Sandoval and some of the others suddenly raised their averages significantly, cut down on strikeouts, magically, when Melky came around last year? Well, it’s been going on a long time – like over 10 years since Bonds, and only in a city like San Francisco can they get away with it. Management not only turns a blind eye but even looks for tainted players like Jose Guillen or Mota that other teams don’t want.Even they the Giants lose a Cabrera or Brian Wilson it doesn’t matter because they go to Venezuela or the Dominican and pick up another guy who’s not afraid to, well… you know. I hate to be say it, but we’re about the only watchdog in town. Nobody else here seems to care.


We’re old school and it’s a joke to see the players ‘load up’ when they want to and ease off when they think they’d better. With the new designer PEDs they can virtually go on or off and the stuff’s working or not working and undetectable within hours of not taking it. (We’ve got a lot of articles in store, including explaining exactly how the drugs work – and just how easy it is today to take the undetectable PEDs – only still undetectable because MLB has n’t brought in the latest ‘detectable’ tests . It takes a Victor Conte of Balco Fame to blow the whistle and explain things these days – and nobody still seems to care – in San Francisco.Plus, there aren’ t all the side effects anymore, like gaining mass like Bonds. I could go on… but , basically, the only thing to do to beat the Giants now, as long as they’re using, is to use yourselves – which I don’t condone.


When the Giants are down they’ll just go to their bench and bring in someone like a Blanco who’ll get a key pinch hit and later bring in a reliever like Mijares , who’s suddenly gained velocity and will shut you down. It’s hard to beat that stuff. Meanwhile, you’ve got a team led by the Venezuelans Scutaro and Sandoval , alaong with Mijares , Blanco and others, who almost always keep the ball in play, rarely striking out.
That’s baseball for you in the 2000s in San Francisco , anyway. Sure wish it would change. We’ve put down a lot of science that explains everything that no sportwriters here would even bring up. In fact, they just closed down our main blog site, http://WhereDidYouGoJoeDimaggio1.blogspot.com , but we’re going through all the channels, to , hopefully get it restored. Otherwise we’ve got a couple other sites like like http://WhereDidYouGoJoeDimaggio1.blogspot.com and http://RoadToSuccess.us , which have a fraction of what they took down. It’s pretty sad what’s going on is all I can say. We know people out their – even some of the SF writers – know what’s going on but just don’t say anything. For the Giants’ it’s win at any cost, even to the point of lying about being sold out everygame, turning up the PA when they’re at bat. etc…
We don’t like it – and I used to be a Giants fan… Thanks for hearing us out and good luck Rockies. Maybe you’ll beat the Giants a game or two yet…