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Custom T-Shirts , Clothing and Gear for Teams, Events, Fundraisers – Cafe Press

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Zazzle is a fun and hip personal custom t–shirt design service. Their online designer includes many of the features required to incorporate and modify your designs. However, since you can only order digitally printed material this site is not suggested if you are buying shirts in bulk for teams or organizations.

Zazzle keeps it simple by only manufacturing a digital print onto apparel and accessories. This allows you to order one shirt instead the traditional bulk order. However, if you are ordering for a team or organization it could be a little more expensive than traditional screen printing. Zazzle does not offer embroidery options.

Zazzle offers some good design options. You can import your own images or simply order a previously designed decal. Your own images can be manipulated in size, placement and rotation. Additionally, text can be adjusted by size, font, color and alignment, but not curvature, spacing or rotation. Zazzle includes all basic functions that should be included with an online t–shirt design program; however, they don’t include anything particularly fancy.

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