The only way to keep the momentum going and get something done with regard to a likely

Benghazi coverup, especially after the revealing whistle blowing hearing yesterday, is to have a special bi-partisan select committee similar to the Watergate Hearings or the Mitchell investigation hearings of illegal drug use in Baseball, according to Frank Wolf, representative from Virginia.  Right now, there are several partisan committees going in different directions, not working together, according to   Wolf  .  He is pushing for such a committee to take up and run with  what he and many believe to be a coverup by Administation people:  first , not being prepared and then covering their mistakes in Benghazi. This is probably the only way something will get done before summer and before more time goes  by and people   forget the tragedy of September 11, 2013 which resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

      Such a committee would have supoena power and a selected person to run the committee. The speaker does not have to be from the House. Right now, Speaker John Boehner has been holding back  , though 60% of Republicans are in favor of such a committee, to day, according to Wolf

Frank Wolf mentioned a list of his concerns, such as:

-why were the jets not allowed to go in to try to save remaining security forces in Benghazi?

-who changed talking points?

Wolf suggests we  call our congressmen,  telling them that you support Frank Wolf and a select committee on Benghazi

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chuck hagel



In past adminsistrations someone who performed so poorly as Chuck Hagel in his hearing to take over as Secretary of Defense, would be rejected for a cabinet post. Yet, now it’s as if everyone gets a pass. With the exception of Susan rice, who smartly dropped out of the running for Secretary of State it seems like every one of Obama’s nominees now gets a rubber stamp. Obama’s pick for secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, is a proponent of selective strikes, including drone kills, to maintain America’s edge in the war on terrorism without risking major troop deployments. He showed little knowledge of the sequestration and hardly defended his anti-Israeli stands.


John Kerry, who has had a strong anti-defense position in the past – rather surprising for a Secretary of State  nominee –  must have appeared as ‘jewel’ in comarioon to Hagel as he slid right through the nomination process, which is hardly a process anymore. And, now we have a possible sexual allegation against yet a third  potential cabinet member.  Yet, espite this all three are expected to succeed the ‘nomination’ process. One begins to wondre why they have a nomination process at all. Only susan rice as failed to make it and that’s only because she withdrew.


And, by the way,  why is it that virtually every cabinet member from the first term has quit Obama, including Hillary Clinton, after saying how well she did and how much she will miss her ‘amazing team.’ There’s  always a few turnovers during two term Presidential administratoiins but to see basciall the entire Cabinet seemsr un-Presidented.


Thank goodness for a few like Lindsay Graham who are not afraid to confront the obvious,
ie that Hagel is an incompetent replacement- and other issues, like Obama’s role in
Benghazi. Now that HIllary has finally spoken on Benghazi, Graham promises to hold Obama, the last man
NOT to talk, to the fire…


The fact of the matter is that Obama and his authoritarian administration have put fear
in , primarily, his own Democratic constituents. Even on the Republican side, only the few
Grahams and McCains are willing to risk the wrath – including that of the media,
which has gotten so behind the Obama administration its a joke. Imagine iof George W
was in the same shoes as Obama and how the media would have excorigated him.


 OBAMACARE – After the Fact

Now it comes out the obamacare, if we may call it that which is what most people
know it as, not only is causing layoffs around the country but will cost the average
family of five $20,000 a year – that’s $3,000 per person,
on average, or roughly $250 a month per person, which is more than many of us were/are paying
for their r own health insurance where they can ‘call their own shots,’ so to speak




 Seems that Obama has no problem risking other lives in his desire to kill terrorist leaders, even without full provocation,  witness the Benghazi debacle ,nd the 23 Navy Seals who, quietly, lost their lives,e tc.

Hillary and Barack Love Fest – 60 Minutes Unlikely Interview

It appears a carefully scripted interview featuring outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with President Obama took place sunday night January 31 to help position Clinton in a better light for a likely run for President in 2016.


Following what most objective viewsers must consider a meltdown by her in the recent Benghazi Congressional hearing, Clinton needed to go out on a positive note and Obama and liberal leaning 60 MInutes helped accommodate her,Clinton spoke about how proud she is of how she performed as Secretary and the position in which she left the country. One could easily ask whY and how?


Under Clinton the U.S. lost two at least two long-time pro-american administrations in Egypt  in Libya. while they may have been dictatorships, at least the the governemetns of Mubaric and Kadafi remained pro-Israel and helped keep their geographical neighborhoods non-violent over the past few decades. Their ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ replacements have already resulted in considerable bloodshed including the loss of our Libyan ambassador Stevens and three other americans –another black mark against Clinton as it appears she and her fellow administrators might have been able to prevent the deaths had they paid better att enetion to security reports. Her admission to not liking to appear on Sunday morning talk shows and that ‘ it didn’t matter’ what she did or didn’t do during the Benghazi affair hardly speaks well for her.


Even the one real notch in her belt, the killing of Bin Laden has come into question as to whether it was the Bush administration that really set up the intelligence that took Bin Laden, and some are now questioning the possible torturous methods used in gaining information. Finally, under Clinton, the U.S. lost more Navy Seals that in all prevous years coombined including 23 in one incident along with over 1,000 military troops in Irag and Afghanistan, where war and American deaths continue to mount.

During the hour interview, Clinton managed NOT to answer the question if she felt guilty over Benghazi. Obama, long a rival of Hillary’s, looked odd suddenly playing up to Clinton, giving short, programmed answers like ‘Hillary was one of of the best Secretaries of State,’ ‘Hilllary is a strong friend.’ etc. It obviously was so staged to make the HIllary and Obama and Democrats look clean in front of their press friends and nation on Clinton’s exit. If things were such ,again, why is Hillary leaving the cabinet, as we will ask again and again.


Hillary’s Performance Spotlights Split America


Now, Hillary gets in the act. Though she can’t (yet) make presidential decisions she can assert herself as she did on the Congressional stand Wednesday, trying to defend herself and the administration from the potential Benghazi ‘coverup’ .


How someone who has taken ‘full responsibility’ for the Benghazi disaster,can emphatically state ‘ it doesn’t matter’ what happened but that we just need to prevent it from happening again, we have a major problem. This, from the  leading candidate to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016? And, of course that’s not all.


She went on to admit she doesn’t like to do Sunday morning talk shows, thus we had Susan Rice erring big time, which contributed mightily to Hillary and the administration’s subsequent problems. And, further, we saw Hillary continuously referring to ‘the ARB’, the investigative report on Benghazi done by her own state staff, whenever there was something she didn’t want to talk about. ‘It’s too lengthy to go into now, but you can find it in the ARB.’ Or, she would state that some things were STILL not resolved and she couldn’t give an answer, as she’s been for the past four months.


COUNTRY’S REACTION: HOW DO HILLARY, OBAMA and the Administration Get Away with all this Stuff?


After seeing Hillary on the stand, giving what we would consider a very poor performance, -never really telling us anything, e.g. who did what, who made the decisions or didn’t  make the decisions – and then the response from the media (or lack therof) we’re beginning to finally understand why we have such a split country. 



For the general media Hillary got a pass and was even praised for how she defended herself and the administration. Truly incrediable! What it comes down to now is that virtually anything Clinton says will be defended by today’s media, with the exception of Fox. We’re talking not about talk show hosts so much as the mainstream news media.



There was once something called objectivity in the news but today one must consider the news source and try to find a balance, if possible. For example , any news feed from the NEW YORK TIMES is likely to defend Obama, Hillary, et al. Same for most of the others. You might get an unbiased real news report from the Wall Street Journal if you’re lucky but that’s about it for the mainstream media. 



How anyone can defend Clinton’s statement, ‘It doesnt (at this time) matter’ anymore, in reference to Benghazi, is akin to closing down the courts and letting all potential criminals off. Sure, there were the actual murderers who killed Ambassador Stevens and three others but the murders likely would not have happened had Hillary read the ‘cables’ from Benghazi, requesting more security, as Senator Rand Paul noted, or had she showed up, herself at the Sunday morning shows rather than passing the buck to an inexperienced Susan Rice. In a sense, Clinton and/or members of the Administration were the REAL culprits for enabling the murders to happen. 



(Afterall, this was the first time an US ambassador was killed in over 30 years
which would indicated something like this just shouldn’t happen.) Yet, inexplicably,
one side of America seemingly goes along with everything and anything the administration
does, even something so incredibly and obviously WRONG! To say something doesn’t matter
why even have court hearings – or rules to live by, for that matter. President Obama
has basically stonewalled the entire proceedings himself. Had Obama taken the stand
we would likely have seem a similar performance of passing the buck.

How someone as intelligent as Clinton – and obama- can get away with this stuff is beyond us.
Worse though, is the half of the American populous that sits by accepting this stuff. Even
the Republican leaders could have done a better job of grilling Clinton. With the exception
of Paul and a few others, it was largely a love fest for Hillary, a probable bump in the
road on the way to a 2016 nomination for President, assuming she still wants this.
Have we become a brain dead nation, so dumbed down by Obama’s ‘giveaway’ culture that
doesn’t encourage work or even much thought. Just live and enjoy while the government
and working stiffs pay for the 50% who don’t .





So we have President obama now coming up with not one ,not two but 23 ‘gun’ bills he wants to push through on his own. And. now he’s already made the order to allow women in the front lines of our military. Now, tha he’s been elected and before he goes into true ‘lame duck’ status it’s Seemingly every day something  else he’s trying to push through. The idea, of course, is just to ‘goo for it all’ and hope at least some of the directives will stick. And, some probably will.

It’s Obama at his best, which may not necessarily be best for the country.


TRANSPARENCY – word of year

Word of the year, at least in politics, has to be ‘transparency.’  I hear it all the time, from obama to anyone in government and those covering them.

I guess it’s supposed to be a positive thing, but  I think of it as  a negative , ie  ‘How transparent these people are.’  As if , you can see right through them…