It appears a carefully scripted interview featuring outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with President Obama took place sunday night January 31 to help position Clinton in a better light for a likely run for President in 2016.


Following what most objective viewsers must consider a meltdown by her in the recent Benghazi Congressional hearing, Clinton needed to go out on a positive note and Obama and liberal leaning 60 MInutes helped accommodate her,Clinton spoke about how proud she is of how she performed as Secretary and the position in which she left the country. One could easily ask whY and how?


Under Clinton the U.S. lost two at least two long-time pro-american administrations in Egypt  in Libya. while they may have been dictatorships, at least the the governemetns of Mubaric and Kadafi remained pro-Israel and helped keep their geographical neighborhoods non-violent over the past few decades. Their ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ replacements have already resulted in considerable bloodshed including the loss of our Libyan ambassador Stevens and three other americans –another black mark against Clinton as it appears she and her fellow administrators might have been able to prevent the deaths had they paid better att enetion to security reports. Her admission to not liking to appear on Sunday morning talk shows and that ‘ it didn’t matter’ what she did or didn’t do during the Benghazi affair hardly speaks well for her.


Even the one real notch in her belt, the killing of Bin Laden has come into question as to whether it was the Bush administration that really set up the intelligence that took Bin Laden, and some are now questioning the possible torturous methods used in gaining information. Finally, under Clinton, the U.S. lost more Navy Seals that in all prevous years coombined including 23 in one incident along with over 1,000 military troops in Irag and Afghanistan, where war and American deaths continue to mount.

During the hour interview, Clinton managed NOT to answer the question if she felt guilty over Benghazi. Obama, long a rival of Hillary’s, looked odd suddenly playing up to Clinton, giving short, programmed answers like ‘Hillary was one of of the best Secretaries of State,’ ‘Hilllary is a strong friend.’ etc. It obviously was so staged to make the HIllary and Obama and Democrats look clean in front of their press friends and nation on Clinton’s exit. If things were such ,again, why is Hillary leaving the cabinet, as we will ask again and again.