The only way to keep the momentum going and get something done with regard to a likely

Benghazi coverup, especially after the revealing whistle blowing hearing yesterday, is to have a special bi-partisan select committee similar to the Watergate Hearings or the Mitchell investigation hearings of illegal drug use in Baseball, according to Frank Wolf, representative from Virginia.  Right now, there are several partisan committees going in different directions, not working together, according to   Wolf  .  He is pushing for such a committee to take up and run with  what he and many believe to be a coverup by Administation people:  first , not being prepared and then covering their mistakes in Benghazi. This is probably the only way something will get done before summer and before more time goes  by and people   forget the tragedy of September 11, 2013 which resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

      Such a committee would have supoena power and a selected person to run the committee. The speaker does not have to be from the House. Right now, Speaker John Boehner has been holding back  , though 60% of Republicans are in favor of such a committee, to day, according to Wolf

Frank Wolf mentioned a list of his concerns, such as:

-why were the jets not allowed to go in to try to save remaining security forces in Benghazi?

-who changed talking points?

Wolf suggests we  call our congressmen,  telling them that you support Frank Wolf and a select committee on Benghazi

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