Less Than 50% of Democrats Now Support Israel Despite Terror Threats – Jews Leaving Party?

Less Than 50% of Democrats Now Support Israel Despite Terror Threats – Jews Leaving Party?


Republicans increasing support for Israel while Democrats waning


Less than 50% of Democrats Now Supporting Israel, Down from 60% high


Jews still identify most with Democrat party but down to 61%, which may , in part, explain the unexpected drop in Democrat support for Israel, noted in chart #2

Less Than 50% of Democrats  Now  Support   Israel Despite Terror  – Jews Leaving Party?

The Democratic Party, once known for its strident support for Israel, has been bypassed by  Republicans by almost  30% in the past decades with Republicans now well ahead of Democrats in support of Israel, 75% to 48% as of a recent Gallup (2014) survey

Despite to what appears an increasing threat to Israel from ISIS, Iran and others – and, in light, of the latest terrorist killings   in Tel Aviv, Israel- Democratic support for Israel is down to 48% , down from 61% in  1991.  (Survey only goes back to 1990. ) We would imagine support was even higher with more supportive, earlier administrations, going back to the earlier skirmishes like the ‘6 Day War’  in late 1960s (but surveys don’t go back this far.)

It’s especially interesting because Democrats have, until  recent times have been the greatest friends of Israel – and, especially the Jews, of which the great majority have identified as Democrats. But, even this stat, appears to be changing, remarkably, indicated by Chart #3 which shows Jewish Democratic identification was down to 61% in 2014 from over 70% in 2008.  So, while the one-time ‘sympathetic’ party has, surprisingly dropped in support of Israel, the latter chart would lead us to believe that more Jews have ‘left the party’ or at least no longer identify with the Democratic party.

We must deduce that  the Jewish drop in Democratic affiliation has come in light of the increasing threat to Israel, which includes that coming from increasing anti-Israel  America.  It doesn’t come as a surprise that Jews may be reacting to America’s increased support for Iran and seeming decrease for Israel, as evidenced by President Obama’s strained relations with Israel while signing off on the big Iran nuclear pact against Prime Minister Netenyahu’s wishes. It’s not surprising to see that some American Jews may be reacting to America’s estrangement with Israel as President Obama has welcomed Muslim immigration to America by 57% while increasing aid to Iran ($150 million) and other Muslim countries.




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Near Assassination ‘Second Chance’ May Have Spurred On Reagans to Even Greater Heights

Near Assassination ‘Second Chance’ May Have Spurred On Reagans to Even Greater Heights

read-ronald-reagans-beautiful-love-letter-to-nancy-0 (1)

Near Assassination ‘Second Chance’ May Have Spurred On Reagans to Even Greater Heights

As We Remember First Lady Nancy Reagan 


Much went through the mind since learning of Nancy Reagan’s passing.
I remember as a young man falling victim to the media’s attack on the First Lady at the time. I just accepted the innuendos and rumors that Reagan was a tough daughter-of-a-gun who had , perhaps ‘too much’ sway over the President.



Not until years later, with more scrutiny and maturity, did I realize
that Ms Reagan, in fact, was a big factor in the success of Reagan as President.
Keeping a happy relationship was important for any President to do his job and the Reagans
had one of the best marriages from all reports.



What may have helped that relationship, too, was the ‘second chance’
given Reagan after the near-fatal assasination attempt only a month after
Regan took office. It was noted by the head of the Reagan Library that Ms.
Reagan became even closer with her husband after that episode. It’s too bad
that , sometimes, it takes a serious incident like this, but this may have
given the Reagans an extra push towards, perhaps the most successful
presidential term in the past 50 years.



Though the Reagans were frequent targets of the media throughout
the eight year ‘reign,’there was never any scandal and the Reagans even
re-set the presidential image of the office, following the failing Carter


May it be a lesson to all of us to try to live our lives in a class
fashion. Regardless of political views, treat all with good cheer even if you
don’t agree. Laugh off what has become mean-spirited rhetoric today. We don’t
always get second chances like the Reagans- not that they wouldn’t have
gotten it right the first time,



The United States still hasn’t recovered from the Kennedy Assassination
50 years later and another such excecuion could have been completely disastrous.
Not only would we not have benefited as much from a ‘replacement’ President that
would follow over the next eight years but the replacement would likely
had difficulty living up to Reagan Legacy (Reagan being regarded as certainly
one of the two or three top Presidents of the past 50 years) that came only
inches away from never happening.

Getting Older Is Inevitable – Aging Is Optional

Getting Older Is Inevitable – Aging Is Optional

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AGING  –  How To Reverse It, Naturally
Getting Older Is Inevitable – Aging Is Optional
We’re not talking plastic surgery, here. 
Believe it or not, you don’t need it as you can change your inside AND OUTSIDE
quite a bit by your attitude and beliefs….besides
An 80-year-old can think ‘younger’ than a 25-year-old,  and actual recent studies have found that such thought processes can translate to ones health and physical being. There are chemicals in the body, like cortisol , which can have a physical affect on one’s body based on mental issues.
If one is stressed, feeling old or even negative, it CAN come out in one’s physical health and appearance.
Much like ‘You Are What You Eat,’ ‘ You are What You Believe ,’ both physically and mentally
Try This :
1.  Don’t Ask Others’ Age and Don’t Tell Others Your Age
This may sound strange to people, at first, but think about it…
Society has programmed us where we should be at a given age.
Do not put ‘restrictions’ and pigeon-hole someone based on someone’s age
just as you don’t want others to do that to you
2. Don’t Be Defensive About Your Age
Don’t say things like ‘I’m Dating Myself’  or other put-downs based on age
which our youth-oriented society has almost subliminally programmed us to do.
3. Don’t Celebrate Birthdays (as in numbers)
Instead of celebrating a number, which increases every year, why not, instead, celebrate your favorite things and your accomplishments? You can still celebrate, but don’t put the emphasis on that number but, rather,  the   important things of your life.
Think back to your favorite times of your past. You can live and celebrate those, again!
That trip you took when you were 35… that favorite, forgotten restaurant you used to go to –
or something as simple as re-visiting an old favorite place, friend or something you haven’t revisited for years! Most things you can still do. We’re not  telling you to live in the past but to do those things that you most enjoy. LIVE YOUR BEST DAYS AGAIN and AGAIN.
4.  Live As Eternal
STOP saying your age
STOP celebrating your chronological number
STOP holding onto grudges and negative thoughts
START celebrating what you have accomplished!
People Today Don’t Know How to Live.
Rescue your life – Don’t be afraid to break away from society’s callings. 
says Dr. Christin Northrup
You can change your thought processes and truly feel and look younger , if that’s what you want.
Don’t let  your old thought processes and old baggage keep you down. 
Dr Northrup expounds on the topic in her new book, ‘Goddesses Never Age.’
Let’s not forget to mention actress and comedienne Betty White,  pictured above.
Now in her 90s, she’s living well and happier than most. Her four fellow ‘Golden Girls’  passed on years ago but, God Bless Her, White continues to thrive, perhaps the pin-up person for getting older gracefully.

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National Prayer Day – Not So Much Any More

National Prayer Day – Not So Much Any More

nationaldayofprayer (1)On National Prayer Day, Many Americans Won’t Say One

More Americans have been saying that they never pray.

A group of young adults praying is pictured.

About 25 percent of Americans say they pray multiple times each day but now almost 13% – more than ever before- say they never pray.

By  US News and World Report, 
The first National Day of Prayer was proclaimed by President Harry S. Truman in 1952 as a means of differentiating the U.S. from the Soviet Union.

The official day, designated as such on a yearly basis by the president, likely isn’t going anywhere soon: Only 5 percent of Americans oppose it, according to a 2010 USA Today/Gallup poll.

However, more Americans this century have been saying that they never pray, according to figures from theAssociation of Religion Data Archives.

A graphic showing the percent of Americans who say they never pray.

And while the Pew Research Center predicts that people who aren’t affiliated with a religion will decline as a portion of the world population in coming decades, researchers say atheists, agnostics and the like will continue to grow as a share of the population in countries like the U.S. and France.

Even still, the majority of the U.S. population in 2010 said that they pray at least some, with about 1 in 4 Americans saying they pray several times per day.

A graphic showing the percent of Americans who say they never pray in different frequencies.
 Seeing the state of our union today, perhaps a little more prayer wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It appears that more people prayed in better, happier times.


New Biography,Best Economics Books , Economic News – Russia-Ukraine Crisis

New Biography,Best Economics Books , Economic News – Russia-Ukraine Crisis

BOOK REVIEW   CRISES and COMPASSION – From Russia to the Golden Gate

Berkeley Economics Professor’s Rags To Riches Story, From Russia to the Golden Gate  

Best Economics Books- Timely Biography in Wake of Russia -Ukraine Crisis

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Rating: out of 5 based on ratings

Book Review: 

Crises and Compassion: From Russia to the Golden Gate (Footprints Series)

Bay Area and Berkeley’s own John M. Letiche,  now in his mid-90s, started life as Ianik Letichevsky, a citizen of the newly constituted Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The son of a brilliant but dictatorial father and a loving, cultivated mother, he went on to a remarkable career as an accomplished scholar, professor of economics, and adviser to governments.

Letiche, now in his nineties, provides an intriguing look at the changes that have occurred during his lifetime.

Recommended books, Best books economics, careers in economics, history of economics, New Biography – Best Economics Books- Economics Books – Economic News –  

 Amazon reviews (5  reviews – 5 *****)

***** 5 stars
Can’t Put It Down
By clairevdd 
Dr. Letiche provides adventure and thorough analysis of the time in which he lived. His early years in Russia and then in Canada are fascinating for a view of how people were coping with uncertainty and instability in the world. One is drawn into the thinking of a very sensitive child who shows wisdom beyond his years. Of course, the fact that he ended up teaching Economics at UC Berkeley during the sixties makes him seem one of us westerners. He brings a great sense of balance in his evaluation of many African heads of state during a grueling, sometimes dangerous working tour of the country. He showed insight and balance in his analysis of the behavior of the Chancellor of the University during the turbulence of the Free Speech Movement. Guns in Africa, tear gas in Berkeley; there is plenty of action.Dr. Letiche shows generosity of spirit in revealing his personal foibles and skillfully emphasizes the traits that form his own philosophy. What better way to get to know this extraordinary man, other than knocking on his door and having a good listen in conversation with him.
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Coupon Country Coup-Letter       Nov 22,2013
IN THIS ISSUE:  -JFK: How Onoe Moment Changed America   -Pre-Black Friday  – New i-Christmas Stores
50 Years Later – How One Moment Changed America Forever
Remembering President Kennedy
‘There will be great presidents again,’ she said, ‘but there will never be another Camelot…it will never be that way again.’        – First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

KENNEDY New-Time-cover

JFK –  How His Assassination Changed America – John F Kennedy Pictures, Marilyn Monroe, JFK Store


Time magazine’s cover story is titled “The Moment That Changed America,” and it features some newly discovered color pictures of the Kennedys riding through Dallas before the fatal shots rang out. Reporter David Von Drehle writes the piece, calling the tragedy on Nov. 22, 1963 “shocking beyond almost anything else in American history.”   I would say that the moment’s resulting aftermath was even worse – how it dramatically changed, or contributed heavily,  to the largely rudderless,  schizophrenic  society that followed in it’s wake.   KENNEDY 50th Year Anniversary


November 22 Marks the Fiftieth Year since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. We’ve already seen perhaps a half dozen new  TV movies, videos / documentaries – and we’ve already seen a number of books come out such as Bill O’reilly’s best selling ‘Killing Kennedy’ ,   made into a TV movie, currently being shown on Natonal Geographic channel. Considering the significance of  the life-altering even, we might have even expected more media – and more reaction to it.


     I remember as a grade school kid in 1962 my mother taking me to see President Kennedy at University of California, Berkeley, for the charter day address. I didn’t really appreciate at the time  the President’s message  or the magnitude of his presence there. All I knew is that there were 88,000 presidential admirers packing the UC Stadium , taking time off on a week day to be there to hear and see the 35th President of United States. Can you imagine that many people showing up today for our current president or any other modern president since Kennedy, for that matter?

UC. BERKELEY Charter Day Address, March 23, 1962   It was rather eerie but interesting  – thanks TO modern technology – to  be able to listen to this Kennedy Charter Day Address 50 years lat er, from March 23, 1962 ,  and really understand it for the first time.  Here’s to you Mom, for bringing me to this historic date.   

    I think having seen President  Kennedy in person made it even   harder for this boy to fathom when we lost President Kennedy one and a half years later,  on November 22, 1963.  Presidents weren’t supposed to die in office.    I remember not being able to finish my school lunch of macaroni and cheese after the news spread around school that Kennedy was killed.   My life – perhaps all of our lives – changed on that day with that single moment in time when Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy.  I could literally feel and see things change around me during the next months and years after Kennedy. Some have called it the ‘end of innocence.’  I guess you could say that.  The optimistic, happier times seemed to darken as society took on an discordant , contentious and sometimes violent tone, which has hardly let up ever since.

   One cannot say for sure whether  society would have changed anyway had Kennedy lived.  But, President Kennedy brought with him an optimism and excitement  that we haven’t seen since. They say the music died in 1959 with the plane crash involving  talented, young  Buddy Holly, one of the first and one of the best who wrote and sang  very moving,  melodic  music.  One might say that everything else went down on November 22, 1963 when Kennedy died.  Since then, despite major efforts, legislation and  billions of dollars trying to correct social iniquities and other problems in society, things seem to have only gotten worse. Time does not always heal and, sadly, we have not healed since the death of  Kennedy, in our opinion.     

      One can note the changes in society reflected in our media, music, movies , etc.,  which have taken on a significantly edgier tone since Kennedy. The crime rate has more than doubled. Today we are a less educated and more violent society than when Kennedy lived.  One would think that 50 years time would be time enough to correct most of those underlying social problems in society that may have been simmering when Kennedy lived , yet  things have only gotten worse rather than better with no foreseeable hope on the horizon. Throw all the taxpayer money you want at problems today –  it’s not going to bring us back to the hopeful and optimistic days First Lady Jackie Kennedy originally dubbed ‘Camelot’ of the early 60s , a time when pe ople still  left their doors unlocked, children played in the streets and life was much simpler and happier.




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Interestingly, outside of the South, even the races seemed to get along better in the early 60s than they do today,  despite all the new found ‘understanding’ and social programs developed in the past 50 years. Bussing, welfare, food stamps… Nothing seems to have helped;  if anything, they’ve made things worse. We’ve seen flashes of a return to the Kennedy style during the presidencies of Clinton and Reagan but those times were fleeting,  without the same overall impact. All of our technological, medical and so-called educational advances have not helped to right the ship. No, Kennedy was not a perfect man or president, by any means, but he instilled fundamental christian values, if you will – basic, common sense, brotherly, core golden rules that brought us together during the postwar era and have since seemed to  go astray.
Despite what many considered a handicap in being Catholic, Kennedy was  able to unite  religions and races,  unlike any leader since his time. Can simply having the right president in office right all society’s wrongs? Of course not, but it can go a long way. Without opening up Fort Knox, Kennedy remained a friend to all races, colors and creeds. Even without finalizing any major social legislation , Kennedy was able to instill in the masses a sense of hope and success. During his presidency unemployment was lower than it is today and there wasn’t the need or   ‘benefit’ of millions of dollars in unemployment / aid. Outside of the South, ask minorities who lived during the Kennedy era about race relations    and they’ll likely tell you that things were better then.
WILDWOOD DAYS,  sung by Bobby Rydell , is  said to have been ‘the song’ that ushered out the Kennedy Era. (Dr Demento and others )  Rydell’s Cameo Parkway label spawned and capitalized on the dance craze of Kennedy era America  It was  a big hit at the time with upbeat lyrics and music  reflecting the feel-good Kennedy Years. Celebrating the fabled amusement park in New Jersey,  as WILDWOOD DAYS began fading from  the music charts,so came  the disintegration of Camelot – the JFK era of hope and optimism.
President Kennedy was a warm, highly intelligent man   of good humor. He was one who did make a real difference. Yes, one man can direct a nation and Kennedy did that better than anyone since. Politics didn’t matter -when both democrats as well as republicans respected the President  The likes of a man of the stature of Kennedy have been sorely missed ever since we lost him on that fateful day , November, 22, 1963.  I remember it well.  One man’s memories and thoughts.
In conclusion, it seems that much or most of the media coverage of President Kennedy’s 5oth anniversary  has focused on the ‘morbid curiosity’  and controvery surrounding Kennedy’s death rather than looking at the man and his contributions – or even his mistakes.
Kennedy only served three short years with no major legislation, yet he managed to keep us out of war, specifically the Cuban Missle Crisis -which may go down as his crowning single achievement ,  watched over a strong economy and was a popular president with ALL the races.  He was a strong proponent of NASA and space exploration, which contributed to the optimism and hope he brought to the Presidency, and it’s those latter ‘intangibles’ including his charisma that may be Kennedy’s greatest calling . He oversaw an era of prosperity, quality cultural material and ‘happy days,’ which quickly vanished with Kennedy’s passing.   Had he lived we would have likely   seen some REAL tangibles like the civil rights legislation that President Johnson passed iin his stead ; it would have been interesting to see Kennedy’s perhaps modified approach to that .  A lot of ‘what if’s and we could go on all day discussing them. (There are some good books and video out such as ‘If Kennedy Lived’ by Jeff Greenfield that go into this more. )
Most people today were not alive when Kennedy was assasinated and don’t  know that much about him.Hopefully, this anniversary will bring out the legacy of Kennedy a little more.
We’ve learned a lot , too, about our 35th and , perhaps,  one of the truly great Presidents.

Kennedy Quotes


 We all know his famous

 ‘My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


In another TV documentary Kennedy spoke about the importance to take on challenges ‘not because they are easy but because they are hard.’   


‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.’


‘Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.’


‘Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.’


‘As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.’


‘A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.’


‘Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.’


‘Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.’


‘The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.’



by BK


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