San Francisco Giants: Win At Any Cost

San Francisco Giants: Win At Any Cost

Money, Momentum and Moxie

San Francisco  GIANTS : ‘WIN AT


I  live in the San Francisco Bay Area  but let’s tell it like it is…In recent years, the Giants management has tried to win at any cost, especially now.  Baer and Company are the greatest  at making excuses when they’re not winning.   As even the most ardent Giants fans will admit, they have made some of the worst trades and signings in baseball history  (think Zeto, Rowand, Rentaria most recently).  And virtually giving away a Bengie Molina , who was largely responsible for not only the pitching staff success but has been a key contributer throughout the entire season; no surprise that Molina hasn’t gotten over the unceremonious release – and is at least getting some payment , having a great post season with the Rangers.

And now, we hear from insiders that  Jose Guillen was left off the team for the post season, not due to a stiff neck but steroid allegations; the league, reportedly, asked the Giants not to have him play, per Rob Neyer in Bleacher Report 10-28-10.  It may be politically incorrect to say, but don’t be surprised  to find our later that the oldl Bonds’ Giants of Steroids are still lurking, what with guys like Jose Uribe hitting his most ever homeruns at age 32 in a large, cold San Francisco ballpark and other old guys are also suddenly coming to life. Maybe not so surprising, in retrospect.

And ,  who else should suddenly show up at the park for the series but BB himself, carrying the charge to finish off what he couldn’t quite accomplish against the Angels in 2002,In trying to bring the Giants its first World Series championship in 56 years – and even pining to be the San Francisco Giants hitting coach,  just months before his perjury trial begins.

Call it ‘win at any cost.’  And with a

only-in- San Francisco fan base

that looked the other way for 7 years with Bonds, they’re happy to do it again. The Giants are no World Series team.  It’s been a weak year in baseball, with no standout teams  and the Giants are backing into the World Series  – at any cost.  They probably know they may never get a change again.

The San Frnacisco  Giants haven’t won a World Series since 1954 and may be a little embarrassed, but instead of showing some humility like the Chicago Cubs people, they only show cockiness.   When Barry Bonds, in all his roided-out ‘brilliance’, kept the turnstyles rolling, management was right there to defend him while the rest of the country looked at them  as laughing stock.

This year,  GM Sabean has taken his ‘rare window of opportunity’ philosophy  to the extreme, bringing in cast-offs one after the other.   If you do it enough times one will stick and Burl  and Ross HAVE made some contributions – afterall, they were better than what was there, and with the pitching staff they have they can get by with mediocrity  .   (But they are not young, and don’t be surprised to see them gone next year.) Other than Buster Posey and Bumgartner, the San Francisco Giants have virtually ignored their farm system, bringing in veteran player after player, only to throw them under the bus.

Perhaps Padres’ Mat Latos  and one or two of the Philles got it  right…  Instead of giving  players a chance , a wrong move or two and they’re gone. Poor Zeto, who has  had his best year in years,  is persona non grata now, left off the playoffs roster.  Most of the players who began the year with the Giants are gone, or at least banished to the bench.  Even now, if someone  makes an error or two, expect a different lineup the next day.

Apparently, the pressure cooker is on at  San Frnacisco Giants

headquarters. Sabean and Bochy and Baer have been around one team  longer than all  current counterparts – and without winning the big one.  I will say that manager Bochy, whether under the gun or not,  has come a long way as manager, truly managing, the  seeming nice guy of the bunch , and mahybe should be manager of the year. But, look at the competition. Whether   other managers or teams- – there’s not a truly top caliber one with both pitching and hitting  in all the big leagues, except    the Yankees, and they haven’t been doing all that well in the playoffs.

As for luck,  the San Francisco  Giants seem  to have it going for them , getting that ‘torture’ run courtesy of either the other team mistakes (See Atlanta) or   umpires (a would-be inning-ending  right-down-the plate third strike was called a ball by Umpire Cousins, resulting in two more runs, just enough to win the  first playoff game against the Phils most recently.

For the San Francisco  Giants its Win Now At All Costs (we don’t say that, they do). The money’s been spen now- with one of the highest payrol. The World Series has eluded them for longer than just about any team. So, step on toes. Go boldly as it WILL probably be back to the Old Inept Giants next year. So, Giant fans, enjoy while you can. I’ll take the Padres or even the A’s ( despite having the worst manager in baseball) and their homegrown, old school philosophies.

If the Giants make it to the WS –  with a current .194 average for the playoffs – it will be a travesty for baseball  and the other teams.  It’s  pathetic how there’s not a single  World Class team going  – only Texas is batting over .200 among the playoff finalists and Texas is no world beater, either.  Whether or not the Giants do back in to the series it’s be a dark day in this post-steroid era which has seen hitting numbers drop below the Mendoza line and a team composed basically of low-hitting cast-offs and only four very good pitchers and one good manager slide through to possibly win it all.


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He still hasn’t forgotten being unceremoniously dumped by the Giants, mid-season. All the more reason Bengie Molina may be happy to give inside Giants trade secrets to his new Texas teammates. Wouldn’t that be something to see one of the guys the Giants threw under the bus come back to haunt them after backing into the Series on sealing wax and fumes.


Afterall, Molina was most instrumental in the growth of the Giants young pitching staff. He knows their inner-most quirks , both physical and mental. He also knows the Giangnts hitters well, info he will surely share with the Rangers. The Giants made a big deal picking up Cody Ross mainly to prevent the San Diego Padres from getti him off waivers. The Giants always make an effort to trade players to the American League where they ‘re less likely to be hurt by them and add to the list of players traded away that have haunted them over the years. This one could backfire. The Giants probably never REALLY thought they could make it to the Series with this team.


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Who knows, maybe Molina will get together with Barry Zeto, Aaron Rowand, Rentaria and other ‘ under the bus’ Giants and ex -giants to write a ‘tell all’ book . But that’s the Giants long-time, under-performing front office… always making excuses, whether defending Barry Bonds or trying to explain why they haven’t won a World Series since 1954.

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Glaring Differences


A’s and Giants

Managers and

Management 5-11

To Billy Beane, the manager may not make a difference but don’t tell that to suffering A’s fans, who after nearly four years have had more than enough of Bob Geren. Now, previous Beane managers Macha and Howe are looking good, by comparison; at least they were winners.

MLB San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Championship Carousel

Why would a manager continue NOT to play his best hitter, Ryan Sweeney (.364 as of 5-11) on a regular basis, at least while he’s hot?. Instead , Geren continues to run out ‘Mendoza line’ hitters like Ellis, DeJesus and Barton – and even worse, Geren is batting Barton second!. A smart manager like Giants’ Bochy will play the hot hitters. Geren just runs out the same players, hoping one day they’ll hit. GM Beane has his favorites and will resign an Ellis for 6 mill, saying we need his defense. And, don’t blame the low averages totally on the A’s hitters, themselves. I’ll bet just a manager change would bump up players’ averages. These guys are not .200 hitters but, among other things, Geren doesn’t inspire.. He is bland, deer-in-the-headlights kind of guy. Perhaps they don’t have a lot of other choices – and Geren isn’t doing anything to inspire these hitters, As we’ve seen with Apier , Holliday and so many others, when we trade guys away away they suddenly get better!

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A’s now have a lineup of yes men. As a caller to the great Rick Tittle just said , the A’s have assembled a team of ‘yes’ players. Gone are the Milton Bradleys. These guys won’t complain. While hot hitting Sweeney sits, he doesn’t complain. Maybe the A’s need s