Pay Cut Petition – WaPo Covers Our Pay Cuts for Congress Petition!

Pay Cut Petition – WaPo Covers Our Pay Cuts for Congress Petition!


anti_obama_yes_he_did_demotivational_poster-p228199456778203485836v_325Fwd: WaPo Covers Our Pay Cuts for Congress Petition!

1 ~ The number of Congresspeople voluntarily taking a pay cut right now.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth served in the Iraq War as a US Army helicopter pilot where she lost both her legs. While most of Congress has exempted itself from salary cuts, newly elected Tammy Duckworth is taking a pay cut during Sequestration. Let’s thank her for stepping up and send a message to other members of Congress that people will support those who do.

Can you sign the online card thanking Rep. Duckworth thanking her  for her leadership?

355,862 ~ The number of people who have signed our petition demanding Congress and the President take a pay cut during Sequestration.

The Washington Post featured us in a recent article about the Congressional Sequestration pay cut exemption. In it, they note that the 27th Amendment is not a factor in why Congressional members have been exempted, indicating that there is no clear reason why they have been. It remains a mystery.

500,000 ~ The number of people we need signed on for members of Congress to wake up and listen to us. Can you help build our numbers?

Email, Tweet or Share the following with your friends:

Congress exempts self in sequester Sign the petition & demand they take a pay cut! @MissWrite @PostPolitics @SignOn

Thank you


Global Warming Meeting Cancelled Due to Cold, Chavez and Obamas

Global Warming Meeting Cancelled Due to Cold, Chavez and Obamas

anti_obama_yes_he_did_demotivational_poster-p228199456778203485836v_325CONGRATS TO SENTAOR RAND PAUL and sorry that Sentators McCain and Graham went against this one after standing up so well on Benghazi…  Everyday there are new surprises. Just the past 24 hours... March 6, the administration’s Council on Global Warming was to have a special meeting but it was cancelled due to cold weather. True story. Meanwhile, the Republican committee still kept it’s meeting on the usage of Drones. – – – – The late leader Hugo Chavez of Venezuela had a lot in common with President Obama. Obama was the first Us President (of four) to see somewhat eye to eye with Chavez. Obama followed in Chavez’ footsteps in this regard: They both improved the poverty rate, cutting the number of people in poverty by taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor. Meanwhile, both Venezuela’s and the u.s. eocnomy took big nose diveS, nearly doubling the debt from before these leaders too office – – – – Looking back and ahead. Obama promised to reduce taxes on average by $2,500 but, instead, he’s seen them increase by $3,500 and rising, due largely to ‘Obama care’. Obama likes to structure things so that the pain comes later rather than early (so he doesn’t have to face the music, so to speak… so look for continued tax hikes, during and especially about the time Obama leaves office. – – – – Now, we learn that First Lady Michelle and new Secretary of State john Kerry are honoring international women tonight including Samir Ibrahim, a known anti-Semite (see her tweets if not recently taken down ……

Finally, interesting watching the Justice Department Oversight committee on Cspan, Senator Grassley and others questioning Attorney General Eric Holder not only on his decisions on things like not prosecuting criminals, but , worse, in most cases not even responding to memos sent to him… Also, interesting to hear Holder speaking the common mantra of ‘bringing to justice’ various people who have killed our soldiers, rather than addressing internal issues that may have caused or contributed to killings… We heard that often about Benghazi but four months later we appear to closer to finding the killers. There was HOlder, basically reading a litany of talking points praising his supossed achievements…  Interspersed with this we watched as Senator Rand Paul courageously stood up to filibuster the ‘automatic’ induction of the prospective new attorney general John Bolden…Interesting also to hear Holder continue on with ‘transparancy,’ saying the government is NOT able to be so transparant as we’ve all been told they are …To hear Eric Holder difficulty answer Senator Ted Cruz’ simple question whether it was constitutional to kill a US bystander with a drone. Cruz also questioned Holder on the many instances where the Justice Dept. has not upheld laws including  ‘fast and furious

Global Warming Meeting Cancelled Due to Cold, Chavez and Obamas




When President Obama first ran for office he encouraged the young, lower and middle classes to work hard so they can ‘make it’ in our  capitalist society where people are rewarded for their individual efforts.. httP:// for Dictator tshirts and more . At the same time he was asking for ‘CHANGE,’ his main rallying cry as he ran for his first term and became President.     Turn the clock ahead four years – or even three years, pre- 2012 election: President Obama NOW wants to keep things easy for the underclass, so they will not only favor him and government policites  but when their time comes to be heavily taxed,  long after the sequester and continued government taxed burdens,  they will be so heavily taxed  it will be cheaper and easier for them to simply leave the work force, as many have already done, and live off the government, much like is done in communist countries.  This nation will be so deep in debt that the prospect of  ever seeing true capitalism again will be only a pipe dream.     A small wealthy class (bourgeouse), ie Obama and/or leaders who follow him,  will control while the masses (proletariat) will follow in lockstep  living in near poverty but their  lives will be basically taken care of. There will be no longer  inspiration to work but to drink (vodka?) and live off the dole (and not Bob Dole) just as there was  in the Kruschev era (before Russia dissentegrated worse).   The way things are looking now that is what America has in store. One man’s opinion…no  make that many people’s opinions. https://roadtosuccess.us

OBAMA: ‘I Am Not A Dictator’ – Said 40 Years After Nixon’s ‘Crook’ -Tshirts, Posters

OBAMA: ‘I Am Not A Dictator’ – Said 40 Years After Nixon’s ‘Crook’ -Tshirts, Posters


“I am not a dictator,”

President Obama said Friday, March 1, 2013,  while defending his efforts to stop the sequester. “I’m the president.”
Obama said there are limits to what he can do to get a deal on the sequester during a press conference in which he blamed Republicans for standing in the way of a deal….

Nixon: “I am Not a Crook”   (from HISTORY channel)

Forty years ago, On November 17, 1973, President Nixon gave a nationally televised and broadcast press conference in which he denied his involvement in the Watergate cover-up and stated that he had never profited from his public service. In the speech he made the now infamous reference , ‘I am not a crook.’ 



Now, 40 years later, March 1, 2013, President Obama, according to ‘;… was responding to a question about why he hadn’t locked the leaders into a room to get a deal. “So ultimately if Mitch McConnell or John Boehner say, ‘I have to catch a plane,’ I can’t have Secret Service block the doorway,” he said.

Obama met briefly with Republican leaders Sen. McConnell (Ky.) and Speaker Boehner (Ohio) before the press conference. He has been criticized by Republicans for not doing more to try to reach a deal. GOP leaders say he has been more interested in blaming Republicans for the $85 billion in automatic cuts set to be triggered on Friday than in crafting a deal.
But Obama on Friday characterized himself as the reasonable party in the talks and someone who couldn’t force Republicans to make a deal.
“I know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that’s been floating around Washington that even though most people agree that I’m being reasonable, that most people agree that I’m presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don’t take it means that I should somehow do a Jedi mind-meld and convince them” to agree on a deal, Obama said.

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OBAMA: ‘I Am Not A Dictator’ – Said 40 Years After Nixon’s ‘Crook’

Will the Real STATE  OF THE UNION  Please Stand Up

Will the Real STATE OF THE UNION Please Stand Up

‘Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money.’

– Margaret Thatcher


state of union cartoon


    Five years ago President Obama blamed then President Bush for ‘taking out a credit card and running up the debt.’  Of course, Obama  promised to lower the debt.  Instead of a credit card Obama just uses the good old Gutenberg  to print more money when he needs it – as he has RAISED the debt $6 trillion since Bush left office.  His promises ‘that things will get better ‘   are usually centered around 2015 or 1016 when he’ll be out of office or close to it.


Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think we have a spending problem but rather a budget problem.  (Nice turn of words, Nancy)  Giving you that, then, why is Obama administration the first one without a budget for an entire term? Nancy’s talking about her own.


  Obama probably figures he can sneak in a few more ‘promises’ on his ‘low information’ followers before they  finally catch on just as he goes out of office…  In his State of Union speech we’ll probably also  see some more patented Obama  DEFLECTION  of the REAL current state, with Obama promising less guns and more entitlements for his flock.  Perhaps a little more energy promises, and Obama will remind us that his Obama care ‘will be fine’  but we must be patient for a few years  (until he goes out of office).


As usual, he’ll tell us how well things are in this country -(as long as he can continue to raise taxes) just as former Secretary Hillary Clinton praised her administration last week when she left office.   It may work for a little while more but   people like Dr Ben Carson are starting to say ‘enough already’  and the OPM will dry up.  But,  by then. Obama’s plan is probably to be out of office.  For now he may be able to get away with one more State of the Union speech fairly unscathed , though he better start watching his back with  new watchdogs  like Dr.   Carson, Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio coming on,  as they attempt to break through the Press Wall, exposing the REAL State of the Union – and it is NOT GOOD!

It will be interesting that the ‘other side’ will get TWO responses to Obama’s speech, one by Rubio and one by Paul.  This could be a good national platform for helping to expose the REAL State of the Union. 


PAUL HARVEY LIVES – Prophetic 1965 Words More True Today than Ever

PAUL HARVEY LIVES – Prophetic 1965 Words More True Today than Ever

updated 9/24/12
There was none better than news commentator Paul Harvey as a watchdog for our nation. when he first saw things begin to deteriorate following the assasination of President Kennedy, he came out with the original version of ‘If I Were The Devil’ in 1964. Since then the audio has been updated as things have only got worse, with a final version from 2012, perhaps tweaked by Harvey’s son, Paul, Jr. Havey Sr passed several years ago at age 90. If these prophetic words don’t shock the country – or at least those people of old values who really care – then perhaps nothing will.

updated 9/24/12

By Paul Harvey

I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world;

I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from man’s
effort, instead of God’s blessings;

I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people, instead of
the other way around;

I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state revenue;

I would convince people that character is not an issue when it comes to

I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies;

I would make it socially acceptable to take one’s own life, and invent
machines to make it convenient;

I would cheapen human life as much as possible so that life of animals are
valued more than human beings;

I would take God out of the schools, where even the mention of His name was
grounds for a lawsuit;

I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind and target the young, and I
would get sports heroes to advertise them;

I would get control of the media, so that every night I could pollute the
minds of every family member for my agenda;

I would attack then family, the backbone of any nation. I would make
divorce acceptable and easy, even fashionable. If the family crumbles, so
does the nation;

I would compel people to express their most depraved fantasies on canvas and
movies screens, and I would call it art;

I would convince the world that people are born homosexuals, and that their
lifestyles should be accepted and marveled;

I would convince the people that right and wrong are determined by a few who
call themselves authorities and refer to their agendas as politically

I would persuade people that the church is irrelevant and out of date, the
Bible is for the naive:

I would dull the minds of Christians, and make them believe that prayer is
not important, and that faithfulness and obedience are optional;