anti_obama_yes_he_did_demotivational_poster-p228199456778203485836v_325Fwd: WaPo Covers Our Pay Cuts for Congress Petition!

1 ~ The number of Congresspeople voluntarily taking a pay cut right now.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth served in the Iraq War as a US Army helicopter pilot where she lost both her legs. While most of Congress has exempted itself from salary cuts, newly elected Tammy Duckworth is taking a pay cut during Sequestration. Let’s thank her for stepping up and send a message to other members of Congress that people will support those who do.

Can you sign the online card thanking Rep. Duckworth thanking her  for her leadership?

355,862 ~ The number of people who have signed our petition demanding Congress and the President take a pay cut during Sequestration.

The Washington Post featured us in a recent article about the Congressional Sequestration pay cut exemption. In it, they note that the 27th Amendment is not a factor in why Congressional members have been exempted, indicating that there is no clear reason why they have been. It remains a mystery.

500,000 ~ The number of people we need signed on for members of Congress to wake up and listen to us. Can you help build our numbers?

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