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JB and Coupon Country Present JB’s ‘A’ LIST for Good Living – Halloween 2020


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Trick or Treat

They’re Here! This is no dream, it’s really happening! Get ready for our most spooktacular sales and deals of the year. We have such sights to show like my favorite Halloween buddy, ‘Dancing Skeleton,’ above, and our Hershey Dog and fellow Stringed Instrument Purveyor, the great DICK DALE, below. Gone but not forgotten! As for the good stuff, We have to warn you, these savings are bewitching. Happy Halloween! -JB

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With only days from ‘the Biggest Election’ in our lifetimes, you may learn some surprising if not shocking things HERE you didn’t find out about in the mainstream media! It could be a game changer… Now that you’ve read:

Who do want to win in November: Trump or Biden?

Ghoulish Cocktails


Be A Halloween


Powerball Winners – Don’t Just Dream It

All Out of Bubblegum?

Win a $150,000 DREAM CAR Instantly ! ? ?

Best Car You’ve Ever Driven by Halloween !

All Out of Bubblegum?

Stay comfy and cozy this Halloween season with Monster Savings!

Extra 25% Off Entire Purchase at


local Deal site, offering discounted certificates and coupons to favorite local restaurants, entertainment, services and more

Specials on HALLOWEEN COSTUMES thru Oct. 27

That’s our Halloween Cat, Zack (O’Lantern). He has been made famous in yet another T-shirt (or poster) just for his girth (was up to 28 lbs) and for his EYEs – and great personality. T-shirt SALE

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Remembering Wonder Dog Hershey Who Confounded Doctors Living Well A Year Longer Than Expected

The Adventures of 14-year-old Happy Hershey Dog Continue – One would never know he had heart and kidney failure, cancer and more. Amazing what a good diet, a good vet, lots of TLC and a determined dog can do. Never imagined he’d be here for Hershey Halloween 2018!


Remembering Amazing Surf Guitar Pioneer Who Shreded Oakland

This was Dick Dale’s last show in Oakland, where he’d performed yearly the past decade. The Man Who Invented Surf Guitar did it all, including movies and film-and beating cancer, along with his manager/wife, Lana. He not only plays but talks about the early days inventing the Fender gujitiar amp with friend Leo Fender.! Revisit a Legend Here