Subject: Fw: My Health Condition Update-New Covid Variant

But first, DID YOU KNOW?...San Francisco is now paying criminals not to shoot people? Its true.. Go to SF., Make a living not shooting people. >

Must Watch “Mark Levin: Can you hear the screams of the Afghans, America?”

I am sorry I have not been very responsive to your Emails lately. I

have been somewhat under the weather. My doctors have diagnosed me as

having an acute case of Post Islamic Stress Trauma with Apologetic

White House Fatigue, PIST-AWF.

PIST-AWF is a newly defined disease that has become widespread and

highly contagious. Doctors at the CDC released a statement disclosing

PIST-AWF as a new disease.  It is expected that Dr. Fauci will hold a

press conference later today.

It has already infected over half of the United States and is

anticipated to continue to spread. The disease itself affects the

cells of a person’s entire body then goes dormant. The disease ravages

the body and leaves serious side effects including, embarrassment for

your country, depression, anxiety as to when it will come to an end

and wondering how much more damage can be done and how long it will take

to repair the damage once a new person takes over the presidency.

Symptoms include:

Severe pain of the scalp from pulling your own hair while viewing your

president pander to Taliban terrorists.

Uncontrollable heartburn at 8:00 PM during the CNN coverage lies.

Stomach cramps from swallowing the fact we elected Biden/Harris.

Vomiting from viewing terrorists murdering innocent people routinely

on the nightly news.

 (Beyond THE CNN cameras There are innocent Afghans being beheaded and  slaughtered as you read this. And what about the American 160 service dogs the US didn’t have space for and are likely already the victims of target practice by the animal-hating Taliban? )

Bleeding from the eyes. This is not Ebola. It is your eyes reacting to

accidentally flipping to a channel that shows Al Sharpton as a

so-called legitimate news show host.

Since the disease consumes the entire body, every infected person is

then identified as the disease itself.

If you have these symptoms and consider yourself PIST-AWF, please

notify your local election board and place your name on the list for a

cure. It is expected, and sincerely hoped, that the cure will be

available in November 2022.


“He, who will not reason, is a bigot; he who cannot, is a fool; and

he, who dares not, is a slave.”

— William Drummond, Scottish writer (1585 – 1649)

Scoreboard watching at The San Francisco Giants game Sept 1 in the same city where criminals are now being paid not to shoot people

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