I feel sorry for people who would rather spend hours watching a ‘show trial’ Where a one sided ‘star chamber’ would accuse Trump and his supporters for ‘killing’ a police officer (initials ‘BS’ which is exactly
What this was), where a well-known habitual liar  (whose initials ‘ AS’ could use another S ) is trotted out for a third time in five years to continue his longtime vendetta in lambasting Trump at any cost while purposely eliminating Trump’s words to protestors to go ‘PEACEFULLY and patriotically’, but worst of all, a complicit media that would cover another sham hearing in prime time with not a drop of evidence showing Trump orchestrated the January 6 riots (no mention that it was Trump who called in advance for National Guard to protect the capitol-an order that was ignored repeatedly by Pelosi And D.C. mayor Bowser).  The same media would rather cover this McCarthy-istic programming than cover  real news like the assassination attempt on New York congressman Lee Zeldan
and imminent release from jail without bond of the accused attacker. (Such coverage might have suppressed coverage of ‘the hearing’)

I hope that if the GOP takes the house  this Fall we might finally see a legitimate two-sided hearing(s)
that the media can’t obfuscate. Otherwise, it’s same old devisive politics and media run amok like never before in my long lifetime.

I grew up in an era when media automatically covered both or all sides of news stories .  In fact , I remember my journalism teacher getting after me if I didn’t interview people on both sides of stories . (I remember how this helped get me out of my shyness.) Walter Cronkite, despite being very liberal in his private life,  was one of the last ‘fair and balanced’ journalists. When he left us news coverage began to spiral down to the same Russian-style news propaganda for which we used to criticize  the communists in the 1950s

Following the Kennedy an MLK assassinations, their became a void in leadership with failing Presidents like  Johnson and Nixon and the media , perpetuated by My own generation’ s new anti-establishment,  liberal values, seemed to take over the  power void as journalism became partisan politics- and now its been that way for over 50 years with no sign of change. My journalism teacher Mrs. MURPHY as well as Walter Cronkite- and even Tim Russert- must be spinning in their graves.

Where were we last night? At a much more enjoyable, a-politcal, timeless music concert, listening to the ageless Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at the classic San Jose Civic Auditorium. The only mention of politics this night was Valli’s casual aside that he didn’t care much for government intrusion of any kind.

Maybe Victor David Hansen is correct in his recent assessment on the ‘death of wisdom.’ > https://roadtosuccess.us/victor-davis-hanson-joe-biden-and-the-destruction-of-wisdom/