HILLARY CLINTON’ finally had her day in court   a full four months after the Benghazi crisis – and not by choice, of course. Though she had previously taken ‘full responsibility’ for what would turn out to be not the result of a Youtube video but  a terrorist action which killed Libyan Ambassador Craig Stephens and three other Americans, she now blames what happened on money.


Clinton complained to the Senate investigating committee that the Defense department was underfunded by 10% – which was apparently enough to cause the murders in her view.  Midway through the morning Congressional Hearing  she would ‘blow up,’ accusing the Republicans of ‘going after’ the administration   for something that was apparently out of their control due to lacking funds, in her view. . She then came up with other instances over the years when terrorist bombings near embassies took place, also due to lack of funds.   One main difference is that these did not deal with American embassy loss of life, especially after dire warnings were given – in this case by the embassador, himself, who was killed.


 Certainly in emergencies extra security could and would be ordered and sent in- but it was not – and Clinton appears to be using the same excuses as the Administration when it comes to problems in government, lack of funds. So much for personal responsibility.


It appears none or most of the main questions about Benghazi were NOT answered: why it took so long for the administration to correct the ‘video’ explanation, that the raid was a spontaneous act on 9/11 in response to an anti-Muslim Youtube video. Nor did Hillary clear up who knew what, or who ordered Susan rice to cover for her on the Sunday morning talk shows, following thge Benghazi activity.


 What it came down to was Hillary blaming NOT taking full responsibility – and what does she really mean by that?.


So, four months since the 9/11 travesty,  Clinton and the administration haven’t totally been able to escape the cloud of  Benghazi., though not for a lack of trying.   Yes, the blood clot could be a serious issue and we wouldn’t downplay that, but don’t forget, there was first a wine tasting in Australia that Clinton had to attend in October, then a couple of viruses caused her to miss two more hearings prior to the blood clot.

So, Clinton  was able to scate free up until just days before her exit as Secretary of State perhaps.  She was probably hoping things would calm down by now and that she could leave her position ‘intact’ as the leading Democratic candidate for president in 2016.  Benghazi would be forgotten and all would be fine. Many of the questioning senators DID throw her softball questions and the question about the video only came up briefly near the end of the briefing. Only Senator Rand Paul and John McCain called her on the carpet. So, as has been the case  much during the Obama administration, she may yet escape unscathed .  But, then again, the Republicans may grow backbones as they have requiring a budget before any further  monetary concessions.