HILARY CLINTONWe think a key element to the Hillary Blood Clot story is to dig down to find out the nature of the blood clot. If in the brain, it could be very serious and if not in the brain it could be nothing more than an isolated issue, perhaps even unrelated to any concussion; in fact, Clinton had a blood clot in her leg in 1998 did you know?

So now, Dec 29 , Hillary Clinton is admitted to ‘a New York Hospital for a blood clot , reportedly associated with the concussion she received’ earlier in the month, ‘ according to her spokesman. If it is really a serious issue we certainly don’t want to make light of it, however… The Clinton spokesman, Phillipe Reines, failed to give key details, such as where the blood clot was located. If it WAS in the brain, as first reported by some media outlets, that IS serious, but this was not mentioned. Clinton did have a blood clot in her leg in 1998, which was not serious. If this one was in the brain you would think the spokesman would mention this fact. The fact that she is being treated with anti-coagulants may confirm that that the blood clot is NOT in the brain. Only a good reporter would have to be at least a little suspicious at this point, with the fourth incident in just over a month that will delay Clinton from testifying on Benghazi. Since the Clinton people don’t indicate where the blood clot is located we go to CNN’s medical correspondent Sanjya Gupta who gives an indication that the blood clot is probably NOT in the brain, with this, “I think it’s very unlikely this is a blood clot on top of the brain or around the brain specifically, because you just don’t treat blood clots on the brain that way,” Gupta said. “That would worsen the bleeding.” http://www.RoadToSuccess.us