Dr. Ben Carson Not Politically Correct, Makes Obama Squirm


‘The PC police are out’ said Dr. Ben Carson at keynote speaker of the prayer breakfast , attended by President Obama, as the noted pediatric neuro-surgeon went on to speak his mind, even if it went against ‘Obamacare’ and other of Obama policies.

Carson surprised many, especially Obama, not used to squirming as he gimace during the 27 minute address. Carson talked about growing up in poverty and how his mother tried to instill independence in her kids, showing them they had control of their own destiny. He spoke against the ‘entitlement’ society of today while Obama looked down, much like he did during his first Presidential debate in October.

‘We’ve dumbed things down. when people become less informed they become vulnerable,’ said Carson.  Carson talked about  turning off the TV and our real responsibilities.  He spoke about t his hero, Jesus, and how he used parables to put across his points.  He spoke about GOOD health care – ‘effecient’ and spending twice  as much on health care as any other country; he spoke about a living health certificate where people have control over their own health care, where people don’t go to the emergency room for a quick fix but to a clinic for all their problems.

Carson compared lawyers to policians. The ‘need to win‘  drives both, he said.   He  spoked sadly as how smart minority kids are looked down uponby their peers where as student athletes are praised and earn big money.   Carson started a scholarship program 16 years ago because of the problem.