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Are American Media Out of Control-No Longer Interested In Truth Telling While Adversely Affecting Peoples Lives ?

As old Walter Cronkeit- schooled journalists we continue to be amazed and appalled how today’s mainstream media-99% of media- seem to either purposely ignore news stories or even alter some  to fit  management/political narratives.

 Latest cases in point:

No media seem to have covered the terrible killing of a white man, Lawrence Herr, by blacks who admitted to  wanting to find a white person to kill for no other reason than color of skin. Only a few local media – and obituaries -covered the story as of this writing. Heres one

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According to police statistics, 84% of biracial murders are by blacks against whites, but, Instead of getting it getting it right, THE MEDIA went  after a different story they liked better:  New York nurse who purportedly stole a bike from some blacks- at least thats the way the media would have it come out . In fact , the story  was totally the opposite.  The media had no byinterest in investigating the situation to learn thst this very frightened woman? Who herslef was being intentionally targeted and harrassed by the same blacks thatbshe had supposedly stolen the bike from. In fact , her lawyers showed the receipt thst she had paid for the city rental bike….. but that’s not all. 

The Woman, who is six months pregnant was fired from her nursing job at a major NY hospital before even investig as ting the story..

And a related story the same week Involving a long time  baseball announcer ,   Glen Kuiper, who was fired by the network carrying the Oakland As for an apparent racial fauxpaw for which  he had quickly apPologized- again before any kind of an investigation. MORE

Here you have one, maybe two , innocent people who’s lives have been turned upside down if not ruined.

We’re definitely Iiving in scary, even dangerous times and people need to start demanding more of the media . Thst is why we are sharing this with you and maybe we can finally demand better accou n tability from our complicit, Pravda-like media we Americans used to rail against. Wake Up America!

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