Today, 5-12-23, the President didn’t even show up to work for his one appointment, with Kevin McCarthy , to discuss the critical debt ceiling crisis. Another three day weekend.

Current radical American politics really began in the liberalized 1970s, according to Mark Levin,   when the EPA Won a major court ruling , 5 to 4 , that allowed it to make its own radical decisions such as allowing the phasing out of fossil fuel and  virtually anything else including those things that had finally made America energy- independent, including clean natural gas. That was the springboard, says Mark Levin. And now we’re seeing the results of that with the government wanting to tell us what appliances to use and what cars to drive and what not to do. Not that this wasn’t all planned from day one when Biden came in to power.

It’s all about power and control.  Just as America was gaining energy independence for the 1st time under the Trump regime the damns come and blow it up. Many in the damn party don’t even realize what their party is doing- they’re just used to following the leader -and they’re gonna regret it one day when they’re taking public transportation and no longer have control of their own lives.

Meanwhile , the media are in full cover up mode even after the cover was totally blown on Biden and family this week by the Comer Oversight Committee that has already found over $10 million in laundered money thru many ‘shell’ (phony) LLCs the family set up and the 170 infractions noted by four supoened banks where the Bidens did business. And all this while new ,larger numbers of illegals pour accross our borders following todays end of title 42- which EVERY Dem voted for to officially UNSECURE the border.

Sabatoge’ is  the new buzzword  spokesmouth JKP and other ‘low information voters’ leveled at the judge who placed a temporary injunction- and are and will use to  push back on the GOP.

The Nightmare Continues… Wake Up America!

‘Modern Day Slavery’

Ted Cruz condemns dem hypocrisy

Hopefully, you too feel strongly about the unprecedented corruption we’ve been experiencing now going on three years in this country. If you do please share this missive and or speak your own mind

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