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If the San Francisco Giants win the World Series Texas fans shouldn’t feel like their team let them down.. The best team wasn’t necessarily the winner, in fact, probably not. We’ll explain.

Giants fans and media are reveling in the startling Giants run of success of late, but they are also angry that their team isn’t getting credit , nationally. They were calling the Giants the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’s of baseball’ on the local sports talk show Sat afternoon before the third game of the World Series. In fact most pundits, NATIONALLY, see the rather obvious fact that the Giants are not the better team. Yes, yes, they’ve suddenly become world beaters during three rounds of olayoffs – and the last month of the season; Giants had the best overall record in baseball the past two months.

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One must ask the question ‘How did this come about?’How did a team barely above .500 suddenly become a .800 winning team, finishing 20 games above .500?? How has this team been beating the much stronger hitting teams like Philadelphia and Texas without any real changes? The acquisition of one journeyman player, Cody Ross, could not make all the difference. In fact, the Giants have a veteran team, and older players usually tail off somewhat near the end of the season. Not the Giants.

Players like Juan Uribe , Edgar Renteria and even Jose Guillen, while he was with the Giants right up to October, showed an upsurge in hitting, especially in power – for guys in their thirties, playing in a large, cold ballpark never friendly to any power hitter, except, yes, Bonds. Uribe had also made a statement , May, 2009, defending steroid use, especially among struggling Latin players. As for Giants pitchers, I’d like to think its less likely that any of them might be using enhancing drugs , but , again, they’ve all come on stronger than ever, too, this past month. One simply must question, especially with the Giants track record of having the most implicated drug users in all of baseball over the past decade, including Guillen just the past month. STEROID SHIRTS AND MORE


I live on the Oakland side of the Bay Area and was almost starting to give the Giants credit for their sudden glory, until news broke about the shipments of HGH delivered to Guillen’s wife , in the Bay Area , during September while he played with the Giants.

This suddenly triggered memories of Bonds and his very merry men of 2002 , when they got into their only other World Series in the past two decades, after which nearly half the team was later implicated for steroid use. Long before anyone else suspected anything but ‘talent’ back then, I had grown suspicious of the many things pointing to drug use by, first, Bonds – the c

hanging body, the gargantuan late-career stats.


TV ratings were down 25% from last year for first two games of Series., Third game was the second lowest rated of all time. Could it be at least partly that the Giants are one of the more disliked teams and there’s just not a lot of interest in seeing two pretty mediocre teams. (Commissioner Selig saying we was very happy with attendance. Go figure.)


I also remembered a key statement Bonds made way back in 2001 – already in the midst of his power surge – how he would help the rest of the team with his new-found ‘ hitting secrets.’ This media event went largely unnoticed by most, but if you go back and do the research, you’ll find the statement, or words to that effect.

Being ‘old school’ (Mays, McCovey, Killebrew,etc) it bothered me to see Bonds doing seemingly unworldly things, like 20+ 450 feet splash hit homers in a season – far more than the rest of the league combined! I even lost respect when we learned that ourr hometown hero, Mark McGwire ha,d done it all on steroids, or at least most of it, while playing fo the A’s in the 90s. Yet, while the rest of the world looked at the Giants much as they do at the rest of this liberal ‘anything goes’ city, where , apparently, rules don’t count, the locals seem to care less, management included. It’s been so long . Time to win, at any cost.

Long-time SF talk show host Ralph Barbieri stated, before the third World Series game that it’s time for the Giants to win ‘in any way, shape or form – too many near misses over the years.’ Perhaps an inferior complex has reached a point that the ‘rare window of opportunity’ must be met, as long time GM Brian Sabean talks about.

So, I’m afraid the old attitudes continue among Giants brass – and fans, along with the steroids, in my opinion. Can’t prove it, but maybe a good investigative reporter or two like those who first broke the Bonds story for the SF Chronicle will take up this one. .. at the risk of becoming personas non grata and literally thrown out of town last time.

So, maybe now. armed with this information Giants fans may understand better why the rest of the country would rather watch ’60 Minutes’ or ‘Dancing With The Stars’ than watch a mediocre team with attitude and who-knows-what else?

PS And, by the way, haven’t seen much of the old school guys like Mays and McCovey supporting these recent upstarts and, how come we rarely have heard from Giants players – the team is the only one I know that doesn’t do pre and post-game interviews; can’t remember the last time I heard Ross, Uribe or Guillen interviews. Wonder why? Or is it just me?

(The Rangers seem like a bunch of down-to-earth, clean cut, good guys, in constrast to the Giants, a bunch of older, cast-off, hirsute , oddball guys with attitude, ready and willing to do almost anything such as donning grotesque Halloween beards when its not Halloween. Imagine Mays or McCovey doing stuff like that? The GM is the same way.

It was a culture shock for Texas fans who made the trip to San Francisco, witnessing mass marijuana smoking at AT&T ball park; players were astonished to see people openly smoking the stuff on the streets of San Francisco, homeless urinating in the streets and more. Throw in a few steroids for the players. Welcome to San Francisco where anything goes… including winning a world series at any cost.


Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional SportsGame of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports




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