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Anybody following the current goings on in Washington DC can’t help but wonder. While the Left is calling the Right paranoid, what with the filibuster over possible infringement by our own government involving drone attacks on our own citizens on ourown solid, it becomes more and more frightenly clear that something is in the works.  more @ Tshirts and posters @ 


Republican senators McCain and Graham maybe should be a little more careful before they start blasting Senator Paul for orchestrating the fillibuster as a check and balance if nothing else. Maybe that ‘roasting’ of Attorney General Eric Holder Wednesday evening was another good effort in checks and balances to keep Holder and the Obama administratoin on their toes before they continue doing radical things.


We’re seeing too many new laws or attempted laws come down from above The Right to Bare Arms is just one of the Bill of Rights that the Obama forces are messing with. Then we have reports of enhanced internal surveilance and even the possibility of the US using drone attacks on its own people.


We’ve seen this kind of stuff happening recently in third world / communist countires but nobody would ever think it could happen here in the good old US of A. Oh no. Oh yes… and it’s happening.


So, DON’T GET COMPLACENT. obama’s in power for the remainder  of this ‘lame duck’ four year term and he can try to get away with whatever he wants. with a lapdog press, Obama has been making  threats left and right. Finally, now, we have seen some backbone resistance from a few Republican Senators like Sentators Paul Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

They had Holder pinned to the wall last night, and rightly so; he couldn’t orwouldn’t even answer to the constitution when asked a simple question. Finally, after typical stall tactics and Cruz holding him to the fire, he did admit  an action would be unconstituTional. 


But, don’t let anything get past Obama. We’ve already seen our middle clas being swallowed up by the lower class. Trailing in the footsteps of eerily similar leaders such as Venezuela’s late Hugo Chavez and other socialist-style eaders the U.S. can end up right there as a democracy turned socialist.


The Obamas continue to play hard Chicago-style politics while the Republicans watch with little action, except that of Paul and the few others. May the rest of the Republicans wake up soon to prevent a possible catastrophe.,