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To Billy Beane, the manager may not make a difference but don’t tell that to suffering A’s fans, who after nearly four years have had more than enough of Bob Geren. Now, previous Beane managers Macha and Howe are looking good, by comparison; at least they were winners.

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Why would a manager continue NOT to play his best hitter, Ryan Sweeney (.364 as of 5-11) on a regular basis, at least while he’s hot?. Instead , Geren continues to run out ‘Mendoza line’ hitters like Ellis, DeJesus and Barton – and even worse, Geren is batting Barton second!. A smart manager like Giants’ Bochy will play the hot hitters. Geren just runs out the same players, hoping one day they’ll hit. GM Beane has his favorites and will resign an Ellis for 6 mill, saying we need his defense. And, don’t blame the low averages totally on the A’s hitters, themselves. I’ll bet just a manager change would bump up players’ averages. These guys are not .200 hitters but, among other things, Geren doesn’t inspire.. He is bland, deer-in-the-headlights kind of guy. Perhaps they don’t have a lot of other choices – and Geren isn’t doing anything to inspire these hitters, As we’ve seen with Apier , Holliday and so many others, when we trade guys away away they suddenly get better!

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A’s now have a lineup of yes men. As a caller to the great Rick Tittle just said , the A’s have assembled a team of ‘yes’ players. Gone are the Milton Bradleys. These guys won’t complain. While hot hitting Sweeney sits, he doesn’t complain. Maybe the A’s need s