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After saying nothing about the rather serious hostage taking by Islamic militants our head foreign leader, Hillary Clinton acknowledged the hostage taking by saying simply words ‘We hope for as few casualties as possible,’ or close to that. Duh! Do we think that she would be hoping for more loss of life? Perhaps Hilary would do better to say nothing than to come out with inane words must tofill the void… and, of course , there was nothing from President Obama, other than his twitters to eight-year-plds…In fact, while Clinton and Obama had reallynoting to say, it was Reuters who was at least giving us some details including that
two American hostages were being held in a gas plant in Algeria and that some otherhostages were killed in a raid.


Perhaps Obama should spend some time on the other peripherals that contribute to the crime program.   Violence has become part of the culture. It’s in the movies, the music, our daily lives – what with murder rates climbing in major cities like Chicago.  Some like producer Quentin Tarrantino  may say that violence in the ‘arts’ has no affect on violence in society but statistics show otherwise.

Obama’s decry of guns has simply sent thousands to the gun stores to clean them out of  anything and everything.  And besides, those are mostly the honest people. It’s the crimnal element that will get it’s guns anywhere they can – and do.  Nothing against tougher gun laws here, but it’s only a fraction of the problem.

We must try to remove violence from the culture, just like England and some other countries have done. The crime and murder rate in England is proportionately  much lower than it is in the U.S.  There is much more civlity in that country, where even the ‘Bobby’s’  (please) don’t need to carry guns, as a rule, we are told.



OBAMA railed against President Bush raising the debt ceiling in 2006, callingBush a ‘tyrant trying to gin up’ the debt celing. It would appear Obama is doingexacly what he spoke against six years ago, having now nearly doubled our debt
from when Bush left office going from $4million to $7 million.

He said he would compromise with Republicans on the debt ceiling and took only six questions from press people who seemed to be predeterminedfrom a list he would scan.

It was only the second press conference in a year. Some in the crowd
said they missed the days of Clinton and Bush I where press conferences
were light and open, where any questions were fair game and topics were open.
The public… Does anyone really care anymore? During the press conference apparently viewers of TV’s the Price is Right were outraged that their showwas preempted for Obama’s speech. Haven’t people noticed that their taxes havegone up…even those 40-50% who weren’t paying taxes will now have to paythe payroll tax (1-2% of their income) if they’re working?

Other notes…

In 2006 Obama complained that Bush II would pull out a credit cardto raise taxes on a whim, who was ‘unpatriotic for raising the debt to 4 trillion
dollars. Has anybody reminded Obama lately that he has raised the deficit to 7 trillion from 4 trillion?

We also learn that Obama has tried 19 times to write new gun law , and others, on his own. However, there
is something called a constitution which prohibits the president from doing this on his own.But, if people don’t care and watch this , who knows what can slip by.


For those who say the Republicans are being too hard on the Democrats, let’s lookback at the Clinton administration. When things weren’t going well initially,Clinton, Gingrich and co. tightened up spending, to only 20% of GDP or about 1.5 trillion dollars
as compared to Obama at about 35% or 3 Trillion dollars.
Fair Tax: or what about taxing people WHEN they spend, not before they spend whenyou don’t even know what they’re spending on or if they’re spending… Countries that have used it are doing well. No wonder the US is no longer in theTop 10 countries with lowest taxes. Nor are the Euroopean countires running in similar socialist manners.

Gun violence:

Obama asks for ‘voluntary efforts’ for decreasing violence in movies, etc.
Good luck to all these hypocritic movie stars coming out against guns but yet
using them frequently in their violent mogies.