MLB Trying To Cover  Itself From Further Embarassment as PEDs Continue To Purvade Baseball        


Notice things seem a little quieter in the Spring Training Circuit this year? With only a week before the season starts, baseball hasn’t even reached the First Page of the Sports section.  Along with an unusual amount   of ‘mysterious’ injuries this year, there’s an underlying feeling of discontent in Mudville.  Especially among the old school guys, the broadcasters and sportswriters, who know, deep down, that baseball is far from the pure sport it was thirty years ago when guys named Willie and Micky lead the way. The old ‘spring fever’ isn’t  there. No surprise what with the continuing stream of  players continuing to test  positive for chemical enhancement – and more often those who don’t-  and the unknowing who IS and who ISN’t ‘on’ something…


  Sadly,  the young generation – under age 20 –    has never seen baseball played CLEANLY , now over 10 years since Bonds made Ruth turn over in the grave and Henry Aaron wince a lot, when Bonds broke Ruth’s asterisk-free season total of 60 homers with  73  and broke the Aaron’s lifetime total –  and  in cold San Francisco, where homeruns used to be scarce;  Bonds was really the one who set things off,  though McGwire and Conseco played a smaller role,  a mere blip on the radar years earlier.  Now we have players  being invited back to a team a second and third time after playing with performance enhancing drugs – and still making big money while at it. Who knows if they are still on the juice or not?   If they are, they’ll probably perform well; if not, they probably won’t.  It’s crazy that this is happening. Does anybody care anymore?  


So,’Commissioner’ Selig and MLB decide  they have to make a point, lest they continue to look even more like  ‘turn the other cheek’  laughing stock,  as they’ve been for over a decade now. They come up with some names, much like Edgar Mitchell did – remember the Mitchell report that went nowhere? – and   threaten a lawsuit against this new Miami-based version of San Francisco’s BALCO.  Good luck guys. Sounds like going after straws again. Give ’em a little scare, I guess.   Without real hard evidence,  you’re putting yourselves in position for a reverse lawsuit – and to further  upset the game.. Nothing’s going to change at this point, especially with the speed and ineptness that Selig and his ‘yes men’ do  things. Baseball’s players union is very strong and you’re not going to get very far. Meanwhile the fans will suffer, or will they?  The young ones don’t know any other way than baseball on steroids.   It’s sad for both  those  who haven’t had the opportunity to see REAL baseball , and , us  ‘oldtimers’ who remember how great the game can be if played honestly. But, like so many things today, there are easy short cuts to easy money, thanks largely to advanced chemicals, computers and , perhaps, a society gone south.  I, for one, have pretty much lost interest in baseball (especially living in the SF area ( PED headquarters) but it looks like things may be going bi-coastal  .  As Buster Olney noted in his ESPN column today,  the problem is now so entrenched . Easily half the SF Giants are on the stuff, in my opinion, lead by the Venezuela connection of Scutaro and  Sandoval. (Scutaro comes over mid season to suddenly become Babe Ruth and ‘teach’ Sandoval his ‘tricks’ just as A-Rod  did with M Cabrera, before Cabrera took his ‘secrets’ back to Kansas City where he taught his fellow Venezuelan Scutaro and Mijarez before THEY came to  the Giants… and on and on it goes.. Incestual relationships all over the place but either I am the only one who sees them or perhaps one of the few who cares enough to speak out.  So the  Giants lose another star of 2010, Brian Wilson.  No big deal.. J ust go back and get old suspects from 2010 , Andre Torrez and Rafael Ramirez, who had their best seasons with Giants, as have most of these guys. Across the bay The A’s bring back Bartolo Colon, who will either still have to be on the juice , at 39 , to perform well, or will be a throwaway. Here today , gone tomorrow,  just like the experiment with Manny Ramirez,  last year; that failed, leaving him out of excuses and into retirement. Finally.   More  @